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Stephen Lynch You (Prettier Than) Lyrics

Last updated: 02/28/2010 11:00:00 AM

Hand in hand we walk the city.
Beneath the darkened skies.
Stealing kisses in the shadows away from prying eyes.

Hiding out from those we know.
Secrets whispers voices low.
Pulses racing hearts aflame, a love that dare not speak its name.

Well we just cant let people see, that your not hot enough for me.
Don't tell are families or our friends, say one word and this thing ends.
Its true, cuz I'm prettier than you.

I'll take you on a special date, enjoy your company.
If someone we know happens by just hide behind that tree.

To a late night picture show, or planetarium we'll go.
A midnight picnic in the park, anywhere thats really dark.

Well we just cant let people see that your not hot enough for me, but I'll enjoy this right or wrong.
Till someone better comes along.
My boo.
Someone prettier than you

I wish I weren't a shallow man, I wish that I care not.
I wish I weren't so superficial, I wish you were more hot.
I should not be ashamed you see.
I love your personality.
What we have is good and true, for you've got me and lucky you....

Oh we just cant let people see that your not hot enough for me.
So close your eyes and sing along, at least I wrote you a love song.
It too, is prettier than you
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