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Radiohead You Never Wash Up After Yourself Lyrics

Last updated: 06/09/2012 11:00:00 AM

I must get out once in a while
Everything is starting to die
The dust settles
The worms dig
Spiders crawl over the bed

I must get out once in a while
I eat all day and now I'm fat
Yesterday's meal is hugging the plates
You never wash up after yourself

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Dirty Fish | Reviewer: Tom | 6/8/12

This song seems to me to be about a dirty fish that Thom knew growing up. Fish have difficulty regulating food intake and often eat to their mortal limits. This is the main reason for the lyric "I eat all day and now I'm fat".
Thom's parents were fish apologists and this is why he's such a bigoted frenchman.
I have children that enjoy tearing paper and watching fire burn.
The above was a review of the song "weird fishes".