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Fred Hammond You Never Turned Lyrics

Last updated: 04/21/2013 01:42:03 PM

[Chorus 1:]
You never turned, You'll never turned your back on me

There were so many times You could have walked away
Could have thrown up both Your hands, said You weren't gonna stay
But You were always there for me, You stood right through it all
Your love was always lifting me each and every time I'd fall

[Chorus 1]

When I think about Your love, when I think about Your grace
You know my heart gets overwhelmed, tears wash my face
And all the times I got it wrong and I really let You down
You said You'd stay no matter what, You'd always be around

[Chorus 1]

Can I say it again and let the world know how much I love you?

[Repeat Chorus 1]

Your back on me, Lord, I can count on You

Not gonna leave me or forsake me (You were right there)
In Your Word that's what You promised me (You were right there)
When my heart was down and lonely (You were right there)
You were there, You were there (You were right there)
In the battle You are with me (You were right there)
Always there to give the victory (You were right there)
You were there (You were right there) with me

[Chorus 2:]
I would be so lost, Lord without You (I'm lost without you)
You never left me, that's one thing I can count on

When my friends was gone (You stayed) they left me all alone (You stayed)
If I messed it up (You stayed), when I got it wrong (You stayed)
In my darkest night (You stayed)
When I said my last goodbye (You stayed)
You were right there (You stayed), You were right there (You stayed)
You stayed by my side(You stayed), and I don't know
I don't know why(You stayed) really blessing me (You stayed)
When I think about Your love

[Chorus 2]

I'm so glad You stayed (You stayed) Jesus, I'm so glad You stayed (You stayed)
My heart gets overwhelmed (You stayed) and I got to lift my hands (You stayed)
You You You You You You You You You You You You You You stayed

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The Truth | Reviewer: Sean Richmond | 4/17/13

This song is so powerful and true to the fact that God has never turned on us but we turn on him. This song has a double meaning for me as well,also for my wife. SHE HAS NEVER TURNED ON ME EITHER. Thank You Mr. Hammond for this song. I cry everytime I listen to it.