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Too Short You Might Get G'eed Lyrics

Last updated: 09/22/2000 03:48:30 AM

you know it ain't over,
i said it back in '82,
i'll be a player for life,
i'll never say i do.
i done tramped bitches
that most niggas would marry.
i like to pimp bitches and
most niggas be scary.
get a bad bitch,
and you can't say no.
you're at the mall buyin shit you can't pay for.
then you wonder why all these hoes wanna switch,
best friend on the under,
fuckin' your bitch.
........pussy you ain't cared 'bout that when you had her,
but now you wonder where she's at.
i know your heart broke,
but it don't show,
'cause all i heard from your mouth
was "fuck that ho."
but deep down inside i know it hurts a lot,
i know you can't go on but it's worse to stop.
you daydreamin 'bout your x, tryin to figure what's next
other females can't compare to her sex.
i'm tryin' to picture me, all in love with these hoes,
but when i meet 'em, they just wanna lick my balls.
you can't tell me shit, fuck that,
you're just another fine ass bitch with nut breath.
i met you on friday, i fucked you on saturday,
i can't hold back bitch i'm still rollin' that way.
carry you across the threshold in my new house?
you better try to stick this big dick in your mouth, bitch.
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