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(Verse 1}
I remember when you filled my heart with joy was I blind to the truth just there to fill the space 'cause now you have no interest in anything that I have to say. And I've allowed you to make me feel, I feel so dumb. What kind of fool am I? You so easily set me, aside.

You made a fool of me
Tell me why
You say that you don't care but we made love
Tell me why

You made a fool of me
You made a fool of me

{Verse 2}
I want to kiss you. Does she want you with the pain that I do? Smell you in my dreams. But now when we're face to face, you won't look me in the eye. No time, no friendship, no love. You say don't touch you, I can't touch you no more. Can't touch you, anymore. Anymore...

{Chorus 2x}
You made a fool of me
Tell me why
You say that you don't care but we made love
Tell me why

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You made a fool of me
You made a fool of me

Tell me why

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a fool... | Reviewer: Anonymous | 8/19/11

He made a fool of me well father left my mother and I when I was little. I idolized him, even after he left. I waited for years thinking he would come back until I realized he wasn't coming back. He didn't love me and I couldn't understand that I cried so much that I promised myself as a little girl that I would never ever shed a tear for another man again. My mother and I moved on and she remarried it took me some time but I came to love him very much I even call him dad. Dad didn't stay golden for long he constantly cheats on my mother and she is still with him. I think she is so scared and tired she doesn't think she can can pick up and leave and survive again. I broke that promise I made to myself I cry even more now. Mostly for my mother. I'm old now but I have never loved and don't want to love. I've seen what love does and I do not want it. I do not want to become a mothers daughter. The most important men in my life have made a fool out of me so why should I give that chance to a complete stranger

Friends and fools | Reviewer: Anonymous | 8/5/11

One time when i was a freshman in high school and when i was in the 7th grade in middle, I used to like these two boyz one is my age in middle and the other was 2 years older than me. I always dream about them and always asking "will they be my boyfriend" and praying for the answer. But one day when I was on facebook, I wanted to add and befriends with the boy who is my age, but he never accept my reqeust. Then i cross out his picture in the yearbook. So for the other boy, we had a talk and then we look into each other's eyes. We started to hug and do the thangs we wanted besides doing some crazy stuff. And i thought he would be the one.Then one day when i had told him again "I like you", he turned my heart and i had saw different pictures of half naked girls on his phone. So i changed my mind about him i thought we was more than just friends but i guess me and him are the fools. And the other boy. They're Friends and fools"

My ex was a great actress | Reviewer: Anonymous | 5/26/11

I started talking to this girl last year around September on facebook. I had her as a fb friend for a while since last summer bcuz I wanted to add people from the area that I was going to Grad school. When I decided to talk to her it was all about making friends, despite the fact she goes to my rival school. Well when we 1st started hanging out I would go to her crib and we'd just talk and enjoy each others company. I didn't try anything with her sexually bcuz I wanted to get to know her better. After a couple times of just hanging out I decided that I wanted her to be my girlfriend, I told her we can take as slow as she wanted to bcuz she told me that her ex treated her like shit, cheating and whatever else. We were together for nearly 7 months and it was beautiful. I treated her like a queen and erbidy around would talk about how tight me and her was. Her family liked her ex anfd they used to say how she rushed into another relationship. She told me she didn't care bcuz I made her happy and she moved on. Despite all of the hatingwe began to build a strong relationship. At the end of the school year I helped her pack and load up her stuff so she could go home for the summer. Everything was good for at least 3 days when she was at home. On Friday the 13th she told me threw a text that she didn't know wat she wanted and she was still hurt from her last relationship. She claimed I was everything she wanted and she really appreciated me. How can throw sumthin right for u at the drop of a hat? She didn't even have the courage to call me. So the next day I wrote a status on facebook talking about how I was used and being the conniving person she is she's gonna act like I'm in the wrong. I'm not in the wrong bcuz she told me numerous times that she was happy with me but she claimed she really wasn't and thought about it for a while. Why give me 7 months or 8 months of lies, coulda just told me the truth. I told her how fan she was and I didn't want to talk to her. She said she didn't want that and she still wanted to talk and be friends while she was handling "her problems." I said ok and that I'd only talk on the phone, no texting. She said ok and she said she would call me. She never did call me and when I tried to contact her she ignored me. Come to find out from other people, she cheated on me numerous times. 1 person said it towards the end of the relationship, I had no clue it was going to end. They knew all the time and I'd go down there looking like a fool while they smiled in my face. I respected this girl to the fullest and I really loved her but she lied to me on many occasions. When she would blow me off at the last minute she would lie and use people as a cop out. She was probably messing with dude then but I didn't want to accuse her of anything. I knew she was hurt in past relationships so I assumed she'd be honest and loyal to me. I was wrong. I used to go to her crib whenever she asked, bcuz I knew she was lonely and bored a lot and I just loved spending time with her. She was an opportunist in the spring semester bcuz she didn't have a job, I'd feed her anytime we were together and I would buy alcohol for to jus chill and relax. I did all of this for her and she still cheated and treated me like shit. She's a high maintenance bitch alright lol.

2yrs | Reviewer: Donna | 5/5/11

she spun me around space and the heavens for two yrs, took the heart of my children and in a blink of an eye he's not ready for 6months after two yrs of saying i want you to be my wify your my soulmate...i want to be you kids daddy...needless to say, i'm heart broken and not only do i have to mend my own heart but theirs as well...he made a fool of me, and made me a fool in front of my children and broke our hearts...

fool is an understatement | Reviewer: Anonymous | 5/4/11

ive been dealing with the pain of my heartbreak for over a year and a half now. everytime he would cheat it would be with the same female. after him putting me on 3way with her and telling me he didnt want me and bringing her to fight me and calling him almost a hundred times in one day and letting him use me for sex i got left with two babies and he wanting to just be there for them i should have known better but since i didnt im still dealing with the pain

no time. no friendship. no love. | Reviewer: yanna | 4/30/11

I've been heartbroken by many causing me to become very cautious until I met a boy who changed everything in my eyes. He was my summer love.. we did everything together and we literally spent every second of the day together. He made me feel like the only girl in the world. Made promises that every girl wanted to hear, only problem was we never became an official couple. He strung me along for a good six months with the whole "I'm not ready for a relationship" bit. After summer he cut off all connections with me without word and got back with his girlfriend.. He definately made a fool of me :/

hurt | Reviewer: Anonymous | 2/11/11

I allowed this girl to take over my heart bt after being together for a long period of time she left me and didnt even try 2 fight for our love she said her mother didnt want her with me and after all she told me i thought she would fight bt instead she left me and wont even talk to me i never allowed myself to fall in love for that reason right there and it happened and it hurts like hell i feel like i cant tell another girl what i told her ever again.

he broke me...he made a fool of me | Reviewer: Anonymous | 1/14/11

at the age of 18, I had the 1st relation..many guys wanted me but i refused until he came. I really loved him, I gave him my whole heart.he seemed first to be the kind of guy every girl wants. I was the happiest until a day came & he left me..He left me with no reasons..he didn't say a single word..He really put me down, he broke my heart & turned my days into nights. I adored him , yet he didnt care..he kept hurting me all the way, he did all the things to see my tear ( & he was the one who said...i can't see you crying)..I lost a lot in this war, my grades turned to fall, my relation with my friends & family was ruined..I was punishing my self.. He made a fool of me & with all the suffering I had with him I kept loving me, & i still love him although 2 years have passed but I will not stay weak.. I will continue my journey & open a new page until i tell him: I though that you made a fool of me once...but in fact you were the fool who left left the only girl who loved you truly & who fought her family & the whole world just to be with you.. My advice, never believe the words before you feel the actions..:)

best friend... | Reviewer: Anonymous | 9/19/10

idk i always thought we were suppose to be more than best friends we been friends for almost 4 or 5 years now every since 6th grade, and i never knew how he felt but i always knew there was something there that was more than friends, i never asked him how he felt and i never told him what i felt, but we would always flirt with each other we would talk on the phone everyday for long hours but never did he say if he felt otherwise... goin to school seein him with his gf's would make me feel set aside like i didnt matter i felt like i deserved him like i knew him better then anyone else or any other girl, i felt if anyone really knew him it was me, and it was like he was too blind to see it, we're so close we live in the same neighborhood, and i never got a chance "just friends"... it kills me cause i know we r ment to be i know there is somethin there and i know all these other girls wont ever compare to me because everything that we share as friends will be more in the end... we both told each other we loved each other one time in our whole 4 years of friendship, i know i ment it, but idk if he said because i did...

A fool i was | Reviewer: Anonymous | 8/1/10

I always had eyes for this guy jamie and i told him i want to kick it with you after school oneday and we did at his house and we started kissing...i was already in love with him from a long time ago and its been 2years and i still havent told himhow i felt because im so afraid of rejection and sometimes he sets me aside when i know for fact we are ment to be and if we were todate he prolley worried about what everyone else gonna say...i wanna give him the world...and i hurt everyday knowing that he could be out there fooling with someone else ugghhhh

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