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My Chemical Romance You Know What They Do To Guys Like Us In Prison Lyrics

Last updated: 01/23/2013 12:46:41 PM

In the middle of a gun fight...
In the center of a restaurant...
They say, "Come with your arms raised high!"
Well, they're never gonna get me,
Like a bullet through a flock of doves...
To wage this war against your faith in me,
Your life...will never be the same.
On your mother's eyes, say a prayer...say a prayer!

Now, but I can't
And I don't know
How we're just two men as God had made us,
Well, I can't...well, I can!
Too much, too late, or just not enough of this
Pain in my heart for your dying wish,
I'll kiss your lips again.

They all cheat at cards and the checkers are lost,
My cellmate's a killer, they make me do push-ups (in drag)
But nobody cares if you're losing I losing myself?!
Well, I miss my mom,
Will they give me the chair,
Or lethal injection, or swing from a rope if you dare;
Ah, nobody knows...all the trouble I've seen!


To your room...
What they ask of you
Will make you want to say, "So long..."
Well, I don't remember,
Why remember...YOU?!

Do you have the keys to the hotel?!
'Cause I'm gonna string this motherfucker on fire! (FIRE!!)

Life is but a dream for the dead,
And well I, I won't go down by myself,
But I'll go down with my friends.
Now now now now... (I can't explain)
Now now now... (I can't complain)
Now now, yeah!

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Calling Fall Out Boy Fans..... | Reviewer: PHOENIX•RISE | 1/23/13

This song sort of reminds me of 'This Ain't a Scene, It's an Arms Race' by Fall Out Boy. Except, you know, for the fact that it was out first and it's way more awesome (sorry Fall Out Boy, I still love you!!!). Anyone else get that sort of vibe from this awesome tune?!?!?!

Noise in the background... | Reviewer: Megan | 8/23/12

Does anyone else hear a noise in the background after 'dying wish'? It creeps me out because it sounds like someone saying my name...
By far my favourite song on the album, though. I really love their music, it has real meaning.

"Her Letters from Prison" | Reviewer: Heather Heaton | 1/15/12

I (Heather Heaton) am recommending my new ebook ("Her Letters from Prison") as a motivational resource for reading pleasure, review, contemplation, and comment. My ebook will validate your inquisitive doubts about what goes on in women’s prisons; it can justify the efforts spent toward ministries to women’s prisons; and it can be an inspirational (tell-it-like-it-is) resource for drug rehab/prevention programs. The book is non-fiction inspirational Christian romance (It is what it is!); and the original letters (with prison art) are included as images for authenticity. You can go to and purchase “Her Letters from Prison”, Parts 1 and 2.

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My recently published ebook is entitled ("Her Letters from Prison: Part 1 & Part 2", by Heather Heaton). The ebook was published at Smashwords ( A brief description of the ebook follows:
1. Breanna tells the true story of her experiences in prison through her letters to her friend Heath. This is a story of survival and a quest to make a better life. The letters describe the daily shocking events of prison life involving drugs, sex, utter devastation and humiliation, anger, hopelessness, despair, and finally happiness and hope.

2. Breanna's "truth" stands still even as the world around her trembles and burns! Bad things do happen to good people; and Breanna is the perfect example of this truth.

3. Breanna's inner strengths and principles eventually win out over the corruption and evil that surrounds her. With God's help, Breanna survives the horrible experiences of prison life and regains her self-confidence and hope for a better life.

4. "Breanna" was an inmate at Tutwiler Women's Prison from 2007 to 2009.

5. "Breanna" benefitted from women's prison ministries and the LIFE Tech-Wetumpka state-funded self-help program.

The Introduction page of the ebook follows:

The story you are about to read is true. Unfortunately, it’s my story; and the truth is often much more intriguing than fiction. I have had to deal with this story (this situation) for more than the past ten years. I started living out this story with all the hopes and dreams of most (if not all) young American girls; and I will finish this story by realizing most of those hopes and dreams, even though they have been interrupted for a time (in prison) that seems like time and time again. Through it all, I have managed to learn some life lessons that I hope to give to you; and I am hoping that you can pick up on these lessons earlier in life than I have done. I should have learned these lessons long ago. If I had learned these lessons long ago, I assure you that I would not have written the material you are now reading. My hope is that nobody else has to endure what I have endured learning life lessons that should be given to youngsters and adolescents early in life by the ones who truly love them. But here again, there are probably other youngsters and adolescents, much like me, who will have to learn these life lessons painfully for themselves, the hard way – by experiencing them first hand. Well, if you continue to read my story, here’s what you will experience – drugs, sex, violence, prison, utter devastation/humiliation, anger, hopelessness, despair, and finally happiness and hope!

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Note: Names have been changed to protect each individual's privacy.

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I hope that you find this ebook both interesting and helpful.

Heather Heaton

Customer/Reader Review of “Her Letters from Prison”
Heather, ever since you first contacted me about your ebooks (and when I received them) I have been giving them traction. At least two women on my case load checked them out, (like a library card so I would get them back) and were very moved by the content. I haven’t had another problem with their behavior since they read them. So…I know they are working. They should be required reading, ordered by a Judge before women are sentenced to probation, so that they would fully understand the consequences of their behavior. The coverage by The Prison Art Coalition blog is very good news both for Heather and for those that will read her story.

They (“Her Letters from Prison: Parts 1 & 2) should be used as text books for the next Life Tech facility for Women!!! I wish I had some pull for money to build a better one. I pray for it.

Gary Parsons
Parole Officer
State of Alabama – Board of Pardons & Parole

awsome. | Reviewer: Anonymous | 6/9/11

ok i love this song so much. i even sand it for my schools talent show this year. cusswords and all. it was FUCKING AWSOME AS HELL. after i was done singing i said to the crowd (which had students AND parents) FUCK YOU ASSHOLES! IM OUT!.it was awsome hahaha btw im a freshman in highschool. and a girl.

:X | Reviewer: Chemmy Luver | 5/26/11

Hey, this song is too nice. I hope more people than me love them. And I hope I have written right, because I don't know very much. Who wants to talk with me, you have my messenger ID up. Sorry cause I'm sure that I don't written correctly. Bye and love MCR forever!

my prison mates a serial killer... | Reviewer: Anonymous | 5/20/11

I love this song!!! Its so fucking twisted and insane!!!! I love MCR! XD the new album..
Its not that bad but comparing it to the old stuff its just not as good. But MCR hasn't completely gone belly up just because its not as gothica punk as everything else.

Hell yes. | Reviewer: Anonymous | 4/30/11

This song IS about being raped in prison. "And I don't know, how we're just two men as God made us... I'll kiss your lips again." Yeah, two guys. Well this is pure MCR. Take it or leave it, I like the song. If you don't, then I don't know what to tell you. If the lyrics turn you off that much...

mcr</3 | Reviewer: Anonymous | 2/7/11

Gerard plainly says on the live version on the extra cd in Life on the Murder Scene that "THIS SONG IS ABOUT BEING FUCKED IN THE ASS!"
i first heard that at the young age of 11--and it never left my mind ;)(18 now)

Bloody good song | Reviewer: Anonymous | 1/16/11

Been a fan for a very very long time, probably since '03/'04 and now I'm 19 and still really like them. Even if I get called an emo kid for it ;)

The lyrics are genius and it's such an unusual song. One of my favourite albums ever made.

just saying... | Reviewer: Anonymous | 12/21/10

I really think this song is amazing, and i listen to it alot, but i try to imagine the lyrics mean something else. Let's just say it isn't a particularly nice thought, if you know what i'm sayin'....

gay prision rape | Reviewer: Anonymous | 10/2/10

I believe the song is about gay prison rape or at least homosexuality in prisons.This is one of my favorite songs the lyrics are amazing. Not many bands sing about this type of stuff. I hope the new album lives up to three cheers.

The Cheers For You Know What They Do To Guys Like Us In Prison! | Reviewer: Taylor | 3/1/10

Gah! This song is the best! And this band is THE BOMB! But Three Cheers For Sweet Revenge seems to be the only album that I love, I have high hopes for there next album. They say its not like there old stuff, not goth or any thing but Gerard thinks it will be there best album.

current | Reviewer: Anonymous | 2/1/10

I'm normally not one to post a review, but this song is still one of my favourites. Their most recent album is garbage, but three cheers for you don't know what they do to guys like us in prison. Lyrically, this song is astounding. The rhyming scheme isn't there, but it is still phonetically appealing, and it takes a hell of a lot of skill in lyric writing to pull that off. If only they put out three cheers 2.

Yay... | Reviewer: random music enthusiast | 11/29/09

I love this song. It's so weird and fun to sing along to... (: And, not proud of this, but I think my favorite part is when he's screaming during the bridge (Do you have the keys to the hotel? 'Cause I'm gonna string this mother f***** on fire!!!!!!) he he he... oh, well... musically, though, it's a lot of fun to listen to, and songs about crime committing psychos (did I spell that right? I hope so) are always A-OKAY in my book! (: again... tee hee

i adore them | Reviewer: Chrisi | 11/15/09

i really do adore them. and i am a 15 year old girl. ive liked them ever since i was 12. ive been obsessed with them ever since. and no im not just a "fan girl" either. i really do appretiate and love them. i do keep in mind their lyrics and what they mean. their more than just a band, and they are realer than any other band out there. they actually try and help, and the band members, they're so amazing. like Gerad Way, he's my biggest hero. not just some fan obsession and actuall hero. and their music is really good. they make me feel soo much better about alot of things, and they make me feel like im not alone. people who just out ride slander them like that, just seem ignorant. i love this song and them, and i hope they keep on doing what they do (: