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Short Dawg You Know I'm Fresh Lyrics

Last updated: 01/11/2013 05:05:36 AM

I’m hearing voices in my head sayin go and get the red,
A bunch of echoes when I'm talking and I'm knwoing this the fact,
Slap drolling drip in red, I’m from Texas, nice to meet you,
And everywhere I go, I can’t accept they like the visa,
When they H town to that mill west
Ask around about the key fresh,
Gucci down when I get dressed,
They double cup like big breast.
I double up and at the invest,
Keep waiting on me like bench press,
I'm on the road to success,
Only thing I fail is piss test.
Your main chick is my mistress,
That girl you love is my side hoe.
You wanna scrap I want to try though,
'cause them girls we're clapping like Bravo.
Got the money stack is my mind though,
Yeah I think I'm big mitch,
Couple straps full of hallos,
In the AK women full like smooth beast.
And that's just to defend me,
I keep pockets full of plenty,
Anymore any wide nigga, yeah I'm a dollar like BMG.
Is fresh on the track within me,
Imma hold it down in this working tune,
Flow hotter than the 30 June
And them next to blow I know you heard the news nigga.

You know I'm fresh,
Nigga you know I'm fresh,
Nigga you know I'm fresh,
You know I'm fresh.

Is this the supreme team, that 80 L pimble
Walking round this spring town, that shit don't come out till September
Right in 2012 and early 2011, you in in 2007 after extended inhabit,
You not the shit and you never be get off the part, boy,
You're not 500 degrees and you were not a hot boy.
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I'm a true gladiator and none greater the faders
We them aids spading them paper so fuck all you haters,
You better call off the mayor, tell him get up on the phone
I'm bout to pull out these big dogs and bark all your clothes.
Partner I'm hotter than phone and my gangsta is dissed,
That money and that's like a drid like the gangs in the hit line,
I'm four Nelson and the big foe at the same time
And no we ain't all on the same grind hold me these lane line
They playin games, tryin to get where they fit it bullshit it
And thought you sleeping but you did it good, bitch.

You know I'm fresh,
Nigga you know I'm fresh,
Nigga you know I'm fresh,
You know I'm fresh.

Imma just call her, comitazinne pour her,
I so lower got me lick her like her Maura.
A true hustler check the aura, since 2004
I've been coming across the border, work up in this floor exploring,
Niggas getting out of order, tell em put me with the best,
Doing everything to risking, freshest wet paint.
Who cares bout what the niggers think, go ahead and let em hit,
Check the resume respected like a wit,
Chevrolet I'm fresh from head to toe,
Chain hang to my testicles and serving got me all extra slow
The girl call me I just text the hoe,
She ready to go then I'm hittin the fam
And the flow so ridiculous man,
Young king of this punch lines, got more lighters than the InstaGram

You know I'm fresh,
Nigga you know I'm fresh,
Nigga you know I'm fresh,
You know I'm fresh.

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