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One word, that's all you said
Something in your voice caused me to turn my head
Your smile, just captured me
You were in my future as far as I could see
And I dont know how it happens, but it happens still
You asked me if I love you, if I always will

Well you had me from hello
I felt love start to grow
The moment I looked into your eyes you won me
It was over from the start you completely stole my heart
And now you won't let go
I never even had a chance you know
You had me from hello

Inside I built a wall
So high around my heart, I thought I'd never fall
One touch, you brought it down
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The bricks of my defenses scattered on the ground
And I swore to me I wasn't going to love again
The last time was the last time I'd let someone in

But you had me from hello
I felt love start to grow
The moment I looked into your eyes you won me
It was over from the start you completely stole my heart
And now you wont let go
I never even had a chance you know
You had me from hello

Thats all you said
Something in your voice caused me to turn my head
You had me from hello
You had me from hello
Girl, I've loved you from hello

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We had each other from Hello | Reviewer: Happy Girl | 10/16/12

This song says it all for me and my bf. We have an odd story of How we met. He is a police officer and his first day on the job in my small town I was his very first traffic he walked up to my window he was all nervous and shy it was so cute. He gave me a ticket and let me go. I was so mad but
I knew I wanted to see him again! He found me about 2 weeks later thru mutual friends and been by each others side. Me and my daughter couldn't be happier, that is one speeding ticket I'm happy I received.

fated love | Reviewer: alanna | 9/29/11

Me and camer on have been together for over a year now. He was the first person i met at my new school in first grade. On the school bus i got 'stuck' next to him but i think that was fate. He said hello and i couldnt stop from lookin at him from there on i couldnt stop looking at him and when he ask me out that year i couldnt say yes fast enough.

He had me from hello<3 | Reviewer: Kandyce | 7/26/11

I meet this boy the fourth of July and he keeps telling me I had him from hello:) now I am pretty much with him everyday and everytime I get in his car this is always playing;) So I am pretty sure I did!:)

u had me from hello | Reviewer: Grace | 4/13/11

me and my boyfriend are getting may 28th 2011 and he had me from hello i cant see my life without him in it and our love is true we have been together since 08 and i love him so much and we might have are little fights here and there but thats what make us so perfect for each other cause at the end of the fight we know we have each other and i wouldnt trade that for anything its funny how god picks u that someone that u are meant for. we can tell u each others move and what we are about to say and have had some messed up relationship but he is different from anyother boyfriend i`ve had and i love him.

the love of my life | Reviewer: megan | 4/13/11

lucas and i have been together for a year now and he defenantly had me from hello i new of him befor like his name but that was about it he moved in with my friend at the time and we went to prom well he was too young to go but he went to the after party didnt think anything was going to happen well we ended up getting drunk and we made out and past out on the floor well i was going to stay the night over at my sisters house the next week after prom my friend couldnt go so he over heard me and said he would go with me we eaded up hooking back up that night like a one night stand and 2 days later i fell for him it wasnt expected we started going out and 2 months l8ter he told me that hes had a crush on me when he first saw me my freshman year and we hooked up my jounor year now its a year la8ter and about to go to prom with him and im a senior weve been together for a year now and i falling harder and harder as each day goes by HE'S MY BEST FRIEND AND MY LOVER he had me from hello!!!!

Future Wedding Song | Reviewer: Anonymous | 3/27/11

We met through mutual friends. The moment I saw him, I knew I was in love with him. Now, we've been together for 3 years, more in love every day than the day before. Love knows no bounds and no ages - always remember that.

This is what i call love. | Reviewer: Jack Jenkins | 3/14/11

There was a new girl at school oneday. I really didnt know her that well. Well one day, her friend introduced me to her and we've talked for a while. Now we are in a relationship and i care about her soo much, that she had me from hello.

had me at hello | Reviewer: Anonymous | 11/8/10

on Halloween night i met this guy at a party that my sister introduced me to and instantly i was drawn to him when i met him. we have been talking since that night and he knows that im the one he tells me i had him from hello and just knows im the one hes going to marry even though we only spent one short night together. He lives in PA and i live in TX he moves back in January though but even though we had one night together and havent seen each other since he still thinks im the one hes going to marry.

true love | Reviewer: elizabeth | 11/5/10

well my friend told me to check out this website so i did and two days before i got on this site my bf dumped me so i got on the site and just started talking to this guy as friends well the next thing i know is he was wanting me to go out with me and he told me he wouldnt treat me like any of my exs and that he would prove me wrong so i yes well then we met in person a week later and he lives 2 hours away from me. then in may we got engaged and we are getting married june 2011 and today im pregnant with his child and he says i had him from hello and i cant thank god enough for putting such a wonderful man in my life and weve been together 1 year and 1 month already and the love we have for each other has grown stronger

He had me from "Hello" | Reviewer: Anonymous | 7/22/10

We met at a new years eve party and the moment we saw each other I knew I was in love...and so did he!!!! we got married 6 months later and this was our wedding song...4 and 1/2 years later we are still just as in love and happy as the day we met!!!!! Love Conquers!!!!!

Heart broken and waiting | Reviewer: waiter | 4/21/10

This song is soo much about me and my baby i love him so much. But rite now i am waitin on him bc he has issues that he needs to get resolved. He is the one for me i can feel it it is true love. He had me from hello and he still does wen i c his face im so happy and it makes me smile. i had him from hello too

fate | Reviewer: Anonymous | 4/10/10

I absolutely love this song, God put my boyfriend into my life, & we are perfect for eachother, we have the same morals, interests, and beliefs. we both put God before us, and when i think of this song, i think of how when i first saw him, he stole my heart <3 i love you baby :)

Wow. | Reviewer: Anonymous | 3/25/10

These posts are ridiculous. Let's all keep our lovey dovey feelings to ourselves and loved ones, and not type them on a publicy accessed website. You all obviously have way too much time on your hands.

Young Love! | Reviewer: Anonymous | 3/20/10

Well to start off with I have been hurt plenty of times and have done a lot of stuff I regret now but if I could take that all back I would. I have found the most perfect amazing guy in my life now and the thing is he is a junior and I am only a freshman so 14 & 16 but anyways whenever I here this song when were around each other we can't help but to just look and stare at each other, I think this time might actually be the last time I love again. I want to believe it and I do believe it. Were just so perfect together and get along so goood. If we stay together till the end my life will be complete. I love my baby so much!

The Greatest Love of All | Reviewer: Anonymous | 3/20/10

This song reminds me of when I first saw and met the love of my life. She had my heart from hello. I met her in Sept 2003 and I am still greatly in love with her as though it was the very first time I saw her. I love you my baby. :)

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