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Galactic Cowboys You Got The Shaft Lyrics

Last updated: 03/12/2007 12:00:00 PM

"Greg, uh, you've inspired us so much, that uh, we decided we just do a song for you... 'specially for Greg Hatfield"

Greg, you got boned by the best in the business
Greg, you got the shaft, by MBR
They sent you a piece of crap, and called it a CD
You couldn't return it, or get your money back
Oh Greg, we feel for you!

We feel for you because... you got the shaft
By MBR, you got the shaft!
The old bone, yes indeed

They sent you a piece of crap, and called it a CD
Scratches, creases, folds... and mutilations
But, all you tried to do was get your money back,
And it was too late.
Too late...

"Greg, it's just because we love ya so much buddy.
Take care o' yourself, and those you love. Peace out, peace out buddy. From Wally and Ben, of the Galactic Cowboys..."
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