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I’m sick of always hearing
All the sad songs on the radio
All day it is there to remind
An oversensitive guy
That he’s lost and alone

I hate our favourite restaurant
Our favourite movie
Our favourite show
We would stay up all through the night
We would laugh and get high
And never answer the phone

I can’t forgive
Can’t forget
Can’t give in
What went wrong?
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‘Cause you said this was right
You fucked up my life

I’m sick of always hearing
Sappy love songs on the radio
This place, it’s fucking cursed
In it’s plague
And I can never escape
When my heart, it explodes

I can’t forgive
Can’t forget
Can’t give in
What went wrong?
‘Cause you said this was right
You fucked up my life

I’m kicking
Out fiercely at the world around me
What went wrong?
I’m kicking
Out fiercely at the world around me
What went wrong?
I’m kicking
Out fiercely at the world around me
What went wrong?
I’m kicking
Out fiercely at the world around me
What went wrong?
I’m kicking…

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<3 | Reviewer: Megan | 6/30/10

This song can go either by the name "What Went Wrong" or "You Fucked Up My Life" so there's no need to change it. I think its actually called "What Went Wrong (You Fucked Up My Life)" but it really doesn't matter it's an aweesome song no matter what you call it :)

Dumbass | Reviewer: Brittany | 6/9/09

"You fucked up my life" isn't the name of the song. It's "What went wrong". So erase this. You guys should really know the lyrics to a song if you're going to make a website with strictly Lyrics. At least get the correct title.

<3 ahh. | Reviewer: angel | 8/1/08

blink is the BEST band to ever exist.
I love mark , tom , and travis.
i miss them so so so so much.
i love this song <333
and all their other songs...they were a band who no matter what the sang about, it was always great. they didn't even have to try to be awesome..they just were...and it is so amazing the music they wrote and how much i could relate to it. i miss them so much. they're just the best.

PuNk*cant*DiE | Reviewer: Anonymous | 8/2/08

I've listened to Blink since they started out as blink...its way too bad that they all started disagreeing and hadda break up and sell out a lil bit at their end, but ill always be a blink fan. This is one of my picks as a solid blink song (heart of their music and part of them in the song) but yea, people grow, bands grow...shit happens..

i love blink 182 | Reviewer: angel. | 8/1/08

this song reminds me of my ex bf.
it's how i felt a few days ago..
we broke up about 3 or 4 months ago and i'm finally getting over him...but i keep thinking about him. we never talk..

i love blink 182.
they are so awesome. i love mark , tom , and travis <333 they're all great and they wrote songs i can relate to. and they could write really funny songs and have me laugh and sing alone. they are such an awesome band. they first time i heard their songs i loved them. no matter what. <333 they just know how to get know? they're the type of band who's songs are like..hard to NOT like...<3
i love them and wish they would get back together.

Rooiiittt | Reviewer: BayleyJay | 12/2/07

Blink pretty much rocks my socks. I think if anyone is reading these lyrics they'd agree. Especially if you go through a rough time with someone you care about.. it makes life easier to listen to some good 'ol blink. They tell it how it is.

you fucked my life | Reviewer: Jillian | 9/29/07

me and my ex just broke up again but were still madly in love with eachother this song iss fuckin ill! i love this song!

Song Meaning! | Reviewer: Bryan | 5/11/07

This song is about a guy who had a good relationship with a girl and they had some good times! Then the girl changed on the guy and they went through a bit of a rough time and must of broke up! The guy went through an emotional Roller Coaster! And hated what happend to the girl! He was in a shitty place and hated alot of shit! Thinking the girl fucked up his life! He didnt want to hear anything that reminded him of her. I mean seriously do you fucking want to sit around listning to some sappy shit or do you wanna listn to some good ol Metal!

name is wrong | Reviewer: Anonymous | 4/12/07

the name should be What went wrong?

ya | Reviewer: the guy who thinks jimmy song is dumb | 3/28/07

this song is so about a girl its about how he is sikc of hearing love songs cuz it reminds him of his girl and sick of all the things they used to do t/g czu it makes him sad so ya ur dumb guy but his song does rock

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