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(1951) Irving Berlin

I don't want him you can have him
He's not worth fighting for
Besides there's plenty more where he came from
I don't want him you can have him
I'm giving him the sack
And he can go right back where he came from
I'm afraid I never loved him
Sweetie he'd be better off with you
I could never make him happy

All I ever wanted to do was
Run my fingers through his curly locks
Mend his underwear and darn his socks
Fetch his slippers and remove his shoes
Wipe his glasses when he's read the news
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Rub his forehead with a gentle touch
Mornings after when he's had a little too much
Kiss him gently when he cuddles near
And give him babies one for every year

So you see that I don't want him you can have him
You can have him cos I don't want him
Because he's not the man for me
Then I'd close the window while he soundly slept
Then I'd raid the icebox where the food is kept
I'd fix the breakfast that would please him most
Eggs and coffee some apricot juice and some buttered toast
Oh oh then I'd go out and buy the papers
And when they've been read spend the balance of the day in bed

So you see that I don't want him you can have him
You can have him cos I don't want him because he's not my man
I don't want him you can have him
You can have him I don't want him
You can have him I don't want him
Cos he's not the man for me

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Music is magical and lives forever. | Reviewer: Ed Hernandez | 9/25/11

Symphony Sid had a radio show in NYC back in the 60's that I listened to as a young man.This was around the time that I become aware of music as therapy for my soul and development. I became not only a lover of music, but deeply appreciative of the music's messenger and message along with accepting diverse styles that each artist so effectively conveyed.The first time I heard this song was late in the evening around midnight, probably on a school night. I lived for Sid's show! I had a little transistor radio kept under my pillow. The volume was always low so as not to disturb the family. I listened to the lyrics and feeling that I was there watching Nina perform for me. Nina was gifted, talented and delivered so much emotion. This is not just a song for a woman relieving a painful loss.It is a man's song rendered as a painful warning to respect women and to preserve the preciousness of a relationship. The story in the song builds to a heightened climax. I could feel the audience was caught up in a magical moment that was captured for future generations to enjoy. When the song ended and the audience burst into uncontrollable applause, it moved Nina to laugh and say," Yea! Thank You!Oh." She knew at that moment something special had transpired: An audience,a song, an artist, a performance and an unforgettable interpretation. Irving Berlin would have been proud! There is a curious thing about composers. When I learned who had written this special song, my first reaction was: "He wrote it,really?" Over the years I seldom heard this song. Recently, I managed to download it on my Ipod. We have come a long way. Every time I hear this song,it takes me back when I saw life as a young man with much to learn and discover. I read a lot about Nina and her life. It wasn't easy having to grow up during a time of civil strife and the quest for equality. Somehow I feel, at least I hope, that when her performance was over and Nina felt the love and admiration of the audience, that maybe just for a moment, her life had meaning.Music is a thing of beauty and Nina is too.

I live this right now | Reviewer: Alix | 3/3/11

Since I am a child I listen to Nina but as I get older her songs reach deeper and deeper into my sole. I must of heard "I don't want him" a hundred times before and only now it cuts my heart open. Every word is my reality today, every meaning and emotion. Now I cry every time I listen to the song and I wander how somebody cu get so perfect and simple words for such a sad reality. Thank you Irving Berlin, and thank you Nina Simone!

She has me. | Reviewer: Shedrick Sanders | 2/23/08

I first heard this song when I was thirteen years old. She seems to be singing directly to me. She spoiled me. I have spent my life looking for a woman who would treat me that way. Of course I never did and now at sixty one back to Nina, closing my eyes listening to her strong poweful voice and that piano imaging that she is sing to me. She is the best. I love her still

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