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Jason Mraz You And I Both Lyrics

Last updated: 03/23/2012 11:00:00 AM

Was it you who spoke the words that things would happen but not to me
Oh things are gonna happen naturally
Oh taking your advice I'm looking on the bright side
And balancing the whole thing
But often times those words get tangled up in lines
And the bright lights turn to night
Until the dawn it brings
Another day to sing about the magic that was you and me

Cause you and I both loved
What you and I spoke of
And others just read of
Others only read of the love, the love that I love.

See I'm all about them words
Over numbers, unencumbered numbered words
Hundreds of pages, pages, pages for words
More words then I had ever heard and I feel so alive

Cause you and I both loved
What you and I spoke of
And others just read of
And if you could see me now,
Oh love, no
You and I, you and I
Not so little you and I anymore, mmm...
And with this silence brings a moral story
More importantly evolving is the glory of a boy

Cause you and I both loved
What you and I spoke of
And others just read of
And if you could see me now
Well I'm almost finally out of
I'm finally out of
Finally deedeedeedee
Well I'm almost finally, finally
Well I'm free, oh, I'm free

And it's okay if you have to go away
Oh just remember the telephone works both ways
And if I never ever hear them ring
If nothing else I'll think the bells inside
Have finally found you someone else and that's okay
Cause I'll remember everything you sang

Cause you and I both loved what you and I spoke of
and others just read of and if you could see me now
well then I'm almost finally out of.
I'm finally out of, finally, deedeeededede
well I'm almost finally, finally, out of words.

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to matthew <3 | Reviewer: Abby | 3/23/12

When I hear this song it reminds me of my first love. We had one of those loves that is hard to describe in words. It is the kind of once in a lifetime love that you read about in books and see in movies, as Jason puts it. Personally, I hear this song and hear it as if I was singing it to him, singing about how we had such a special relationship and I will always cherish the time we spent together. The second to last verse is like me saying I understand that not all loves last forever and if you find someone else that you fall in love with, then I would be truly happy for you because even if we're not together, we had one of those extraordinary loves that most people don't get to experience, and I did, and I will always be grateful of that fact.

Whether or not that was what Jason Mraz had in mind when he wrote it, that's what it means to me.

superbase | Reviewer: champkielle | 11/9/11

a verywell said,superbase...hehe superbase cause this review dat i was shared is base on i was read,heared,and thing dats was hapend to me naturaly...
she and i both loved
loved more than a words...
but we r already broke on a complicated situations.
giving-up is d solution she ever known.inspite of dat her hapines is my only wanted...
i wish i could sing this song like mr.a-z...i
really like dis song
dis song dat totaly remind me how i feel so deeply inloved before...

Beautiful song. | Reviewer: Tobi | 8/24/10

I can see how people could think of breakup, of acceptance, of closure, of sadness. To me, it's just someone singing of a love they have, trying to describe it with the words they have, and every day singing about how happy they are together.

However, words can't sum up love, and you'll run out of words before you ever describe how much in love you are.

See? Happy.

The true meaning of this song. | Reviewer: Timothy Tensby | 7/26/10

This song is about whatever you make of it, says the lonely faggot in the corner...
Haha no but seriously, sure Mr. A to the Z had a specific scenario in mind when he wrote this song but that doesn't matter, it's what you make of it. People will always have their own opinions about almost everything, the only one who can tell you what this song is about i Jason Mraz, true story.
But kudos for the freedom of speech eyy!

You and I Both review | Reviewer: Anonymous | 3/12/10

This is one of those songs about relizing that someone has gone on without you. That you and that person shared a love that was life changing but it ended and that you've finally accepted it. And can now wish that person happiness

okay. | Reviewer: melinda | 1/30/09

this song is about a guy and he is sleeping with this girl and he wakes up and he doesn't see her and thinks she went away but she really just like went to make eggs. thats what JASON MRAZ said. so lets trust him.

Moving on | Reviewer: Mirinda | 1/26/09

When I heard this song for the first time, the first that came to my mind are the words:"gratitude and pride, acceptance and closure".

Gratitude and pride, for the special love that the lovers had for each other. It was so deep that others can only read of.

Acceptance, that it had end. No holding on.

Closure, that if they never talk again nor see each other again, everything is still okay. No harm done. They have both moved on.

A true and real love...letting go!!!

I find this a truly good song not just because of its meaningful lyrics but also because of its rythmn and beat. It is so alive. I actually feel alive when I hear it. I don't get tired listening to it.

what its about.... | Reviewer: Gav | 1/4/09

Its about a couple who broke up but the man still loves her but cant stay with her because she doesnt want to be with him but hes ok with that because he just wants her to be happy wether its with him or not...

tough situation

i love it. | Reviewer: miley | 12/26/08

Was it you who spoke the words that things would happen but not to me?
All things are gonna happen naturally
Oh, taking your advice and I'm looking on the bright side
And balancing the whole thing.

I wrote something like this a few months ago, when 5 friends of mine had a car accident. My friends used to text me with things like "look at the bright side, there are in a better place now" "you should think this happens for a reason"
its the first time I heard this song, and i've never felt so understanded and heard before. THIS is what I wanted to listen
besides, Jason's voice is amazing in this song, and he sings so calmly and peaceful, you just want to keep listening to it.

sadness of the music | Reviewer: Calai | 11/12/08

the tone is what really gets me.
the chords, the notes, the way they were written,
the vagueness and ambiguity of the song, it's simply remarkable.

it's like the musicality of the song really expresses the sadness of the person who wrote it.

for the people who can relate to the song for whatever interpretation they may have in mind most probably would burst in tears after the bridge..

makes me feel sad, even if im not..
i really admire the composer.
love the song so much!

life | Reviewer: andy o | 10/20/08

this song is amazing.. i just heard it and at the perfect time.. for me it means that the two lovers were together and broke up even tho they both didnt really want to ..then they started to talk and reminising about the love and wounderfull times they once had...and saying that even is shes just remembering he is still in love with her and he wants her to be happy no matter what.. and if so he still has the wounderfull and amazing memories of her and thier love

amazing song | Reviewer: izzy | 10/7/08

well my interpretation of the song is that its about 2 people who having feelings for each other and told each other about and and were obviously happy to hear what the other had to say. but maybe for some reason they couldn't exactly be together whether it was because of distance or w.e else and he cares enough about her that he wants her to be happy whether or not it's with him.

well thats my go at it. maybe i jsut think that cuz my situation is similar and my mind took it that way but hey everyones entitled to their own opinion lol

My best friend... | Reviewer: Andrea | 1/8/08

The words that Jason uses in this song absolutely soothe my soul... and my late best friend Becca... I cannot tell you how many times this summer my friend and I cruised around in my car listening to this song, and laughing and crying and somehow Jason always had the right thing to say. Unfortunately on October 7, 2005 Becca passed away in a car accident and I lost someone that is more irreplaceable than I would ever like to admit. This song has helped me get through each and every day... because even if it is about lovers... it can be about best friends too...

Such a sweet song. | Reviewer: canntastic923 | 1/2/08

And it's okay if you had to go away
Oh, just remember the telephones
well, they work in both ways
But if I never ever hear it ring
If nothing else I'll think the bells inside
Have finally found you someone else and that's okay
Cause I'll remember everything you sang.

I love this portion of the song because it really shows that this person has come to peace with the end of his relationship, and that he is able to see this old love happy with someone new. In addition, he is able to look back on what they had together with a fondness that he did not have previously.

Question | Reviewer: Bob | 9/26/07

If a girl put that song in her msn and she dumped you before ... What does it suposed to mean ...