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You Am I Biography

Last updated: 12/29/2007 11:00:00 AM

David Lane - guitar
Tim Rogers - guitar/vocals
Rusty Hopkinson - drums
Andy Kent - bass

'It's a new state of mind.'
- Ribbons and Bows

It's 2002 and this back the front world is calling old rock new rock and bad rock good rock. Well forget the fads and definitions for a moment and listen to 'Deliverance' the greatest album by You Am I in a career of brilliant records. Six albums into their collection and this extraordinary band have found the confidence and grace to realise their most accomplished moment.

It wasn't long ago that with the rallying cry of 'Get Up', You Am I announced they had overcome the frustrating making of 2001's Dress Me Slowly. In the tradition of You Am I it had been a period of high rock 'n' roll drama. The album spanned three years, big name producers, corporate business, a line up change, a handful of countries, accents, friends, enemies, three marriages, and a beautiful baby girl. In the end it was an excellent record but a period the band chose to move on from quickly.

So without further adieu You Am I introduce 'Deliverance'. Here they have forsaken the drama. No producers, no American studio, no one telling them what to do (advice they usually ignored). Ever since Tim Rogers formed You Am I in the early 90s and through three number 1 albums, sold out shows, critical acclaim and all those things, the band has always stood up for what they believed in. Most often that was simply to write a bunch of great songs and performing them to as many people who give a damn. They fought, and they won. They scored a creative freedom and a confidence that few bands in this country or any other ever realise. And nothing's ever gonna be the same again.

You Am I entered the Sing Sing studios in Melbourne at the start of 2002 with a batch of new tunes and produced their own album. They loosened the collars, got their throats wet, stretched their arms, and just got into it. They accomplished their goal of making an album that's like nothing else but the unique sound created by bringing together Tim Rogers, Andy Kent, Rusty Hopkinson, and Davey Lane. In Deliverance, we finally have the You Am I album that breathes in, breathes out, takes a step back, and tells you how it feels.

From the feeling of celebration of the title track, to the sha na na sing-along in One Trick Tony, and to the chorus of Ribbons and Bows - all are written and performed with hips in mind .There's the overwhelming affection for Tim's new daughter in 'til The Clouds Roll Away (with Kent taking another long awaited shot at a vocal). There's the give-em-hell riff from the first single Who Put the Devil In You? You can hear the crooked smiles, the glimmer in the eyes, and the crowd going nuts.

So, turn up the noise and stay up all night with old friends to lean on. It's a time for comfortable shoes, untucking your shirt, letting your hair grow out and appreciating that when your plans all turn to dust, that you have to sing with your guts. It's Deliverance, and it's going to save you. Its rock 'n' roll, the vitamin that drags you near, kisses you and makes you want to do silly things. It's about realising that production credits fade, money goes, fashions end, chart positions are forgotten, awards are lost but that what's left can still make you curl up your toes and lift you up from wherever you are.

It's a new You Am I album, and it's a new state of mind.

Produced by You Am I. Recorded and mixed by Paul McKercher.
All songs written by Tim Rogers.

Danny Yau