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Chicago You're The Inspiration Lyrics

Last updated: 10/22/2014 05:56:03 PM

You know our love was meant to be
The kind of love that lasts forever
And I want you here with me
From tonight until the end of time
You should know, everywhere I go
You're always on my mind, in my heart
In my soul

You're the meaning in my life
You're the inspiration
You bring feeling to my life
You're the inspiration
Wanna have you near me
I wanna have you hear me sayin'
No one needs you more that I need you
And I know, yes I know that it's plain to see
We're so in love when we're together
And I know that I need you here with me
From tonight until the end of time
You should know, everywhere I go
Always on my mind, in my heart
In my soul


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My Inspiration | Reviewer: Ej Prince | 10/11/14

This song brings an inspiration for me to write a song for a woman, who became my inspiration and reason of my perspiration of preparation, declaration, hallucination, kabagtitation, walang kwentation

Sweet memories | Reviewer: Clarck olivah | 1/10/14

I like so much this song! My girlfiend always tell me to sing this song for her when we are together at the karaoke! When i hear it i remember all precious memories i passed with her!

Perfect for us | Reviewer: Jennie thompson | 9/11/13

2 years and only seen him twice. Always makes me think of him. Too many miles between us but one day a reality it will be. Miss him like crazy. Not sure he realizes that I do and will love him forever.

my world | Reviewer: lorenz | 1/9/13

this song wake me from along time sleeping when i heard this i woke up with having positive outlook in life,understand how i am lucky ,this mean god loves us very much i pray for all singers that song makes sense not to non sense or joking make it inspirable ang always put the gods name thank u......

THE BEST/VINIAH | Reviewer: Anonymous | 11/22/12

ma gush this song brings bacb tears of happiness in times together with my boyfriend he use to sing it for me in most of every nite as we slp listerning to romantic love song, i cry alots of happiness bcos that song has words that touched ma heart of true love.

this is the best song ever | Reviewer: Leone M. | 10/15/12

this is the song i choosed when i asked to my wife if she wanted to married me, it has the right words to say to that special girl thay she's the love of your life and the reason to wake up every morning

Songs for my baby jessamine | Reviewer: jazmine deblois | 5/30/12

Everytime i sang it, kinikilabutan aq. this song describes my true feelings to my baby. Kahit sa napaka ikling araw na nakasama namin sya, naniniwala ako na naiparamdam namin sa kanya kung gaano namin sya kamahal. I dedicated this song to her, until the end of/our lifetime..... i love u baby!

The best song | Reviewer: rhayeecsa | 2/25/12

ito ang fav. Kong s0ng.. Magnda ang lyrics,, kapag naririnig ko itong kantang ito.. NaAlala ko lahat ang mga pinagdaAnan q0... Ang mga maxaxayang araw q0..
Thank u xa mga nagafavorite xa kantang it0.. And thank u als0 to the perSon wh0 sANg tHiS S0ng..

my beloved baby | Reviewer: mariana | 2/24/12

I`m 8 months pregnant it was so hard for us to be here at this point we were at the hospital for two months, and one day I was listening my ipod at the hospital and I found out that the lyrics from this song were exactly wnat I needed to say to my baby, from now on this will be her song for ever

MY BEST LOVE SONG | Reviewer: Ellen Abbey | 1/20/12

This song mean so much to me,the lyrics is soul boyfriend sang it for me fifteen years ago but anytime i hear it,so fresh in my mind.this is love song with meaning.i love it...i love it.....

simply the best | Reviewer: Rob | 3/6/11

all these so called artists of today could learn a lesson from the fore-fathers of music like Chicago. Music with true meaning and deeply filled with love yet having the simplest of lyrics. People like Beyonce, Rihana, the wigger wanna-be's and all these gimmicks today are a joke. music is meaningless and has no soul today in 2011! I love this song and I'm gonna make love to my wife for hours listening to it!

For you Sandy | Reviewer: Sterling Boyd | 9/21/10

I don't know which song is more romantic, this song or Ambrosia's "Biggest Part of Me". I dedicate both to the woman who I loved more than any song or words could ever say: Sandy my Sweetness.... if only.... sigh.....

The Best!! | Reviewer: Anonymous | 9/28/09

Well, what can you say??? This is simply the best of the best - such a romantic song that my boyfriend can sing to me, any time of the day, or night. It has so much meaning. Why can't songs be like this anymore?

What this means to me | Reviewer: Talisha Sheeran | 3/25/09

I hadn't heard this song in a long time until yesterday when my boyfriend and I were spending time togethr.. This song describes my relationship with my boyfriend to a tee.. I am thankful that this song is still around..

Review | Reviewer: Kristi | 2/23/06

Love the song, love the style. Preformed beautifully!!!