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Charlatans UK You're A Big Girl Now Lyrics

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All the people gather round
and see the sun set high
leaders and your disused milk
will quietly pass you by

what will it be
my melody will set you free
I know you'd rather be with us
than be with them today
I could be alone with you
while all the pretty people
watch the years go by
And in your free world
you will sail on

Ooh! you're a big girl now
you're a big girl now

See her through jet pilot eyes
mysterious and thin
Like a raven breakin' free
from the towers they keep you in

what a scene it is to see
I would love to have you round
I will be alone with you
I will wait out on the streets
watching wheels go by
and with your freedom
you will sail on

Ooh! You're a big girl now
You're a big girl now

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