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George Strait You'll Be There Lyrics

Last updated: 10/11/2011 11:00:00 AM

Hope is an anchor
And love is a ship
Time is the ocean
And life is a trip
You don't know where you're goin'
'Til you know where your at
And if you can't read the stars
Well, you'd better have a map
A compus and a conscious
So you don't get lost at sea
ON SOME old lonely island
Where no one wants to be

From the beginning of creation
I think our maker had a plan
For us to leave these shores
And sail beyond the sand
And let the good light guide us
THROUGH the waves and the wind
To the beaches in a world
Where WE HAVE never been
And we'll climb upon the mountain y'all
We'll let our voices ring
And those who've never tried it
They'll be the first to sing

Oh, my, my
I'll see you on the other side
If I make it
And it might be a long hard ride
But I'm gonna take it
Sometime it seems that I don't have a prayer
Let the weather take me anywhere
But I know that I want to go
WHERE THE streets are gold 'cause you'll be there
Oh, my, my

You don't bring nothin' with you here
And you can't take nothin' back
I ain't never seen a hearse with a luggage rack
So I've torn my knees UP prayin'
Scared my back from fallin' down
Spent so much time flyin' high
'Til I'm face first in the ground
So if you're up there watchin' me
Would you talk to God and say
Tell him I might need a hand
To see you both someday

Oh, my, my
So, I'll see you on the other side
If I make it
And it may be a long hard ride
But I want to take it
Sometime it seems that I don't have a prayer
Let the weather take me anywhere
But I know that I want to go
Where the streets are gold
'Cause you'll be there (you'll be there)
Oh, my, my
'Cause you'll be there (you'll be there)
Oh, my, my

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Hi | Reviewer: Anonymous | 3/8/09

Awesome song, it's one of the best choice for a funeral. My brother died 3 years ago and this one of the songs we chose to play, but we only played the chorus part and "You don’t bring nothing with you here and you can’t take nothing back..." verse because my family thought that verse had the strongest meaning.

RIP all of those who were taken too soon. We'll see you on the other side. Keep watching over all those who loved you.

bestfriend | Reviewer: ashley | 11/21/08

so yeah i love this song so much my bestfriend died in a atv accident and hit a tree and this song reminds me about her so much. she was one of the happiest people no matter what and she went threw a whole lot but kept a smile on her face and did whatever she could to make everyone happy even if she wasnt but she wouldnt show it. but i miss her like freakin crazy but i'm glad shes in a better place.

Life and Death | Reviewer: Marcia Deem | 5/26/08

I to love this song as many others do. I have entitled it as funeral my children know to play it at that time. (I have lots of funeral songs) I listened to it lately and thought I should be thinking about this song as how to live life right now. Give me this peaceful easy the Eagles said. It's great to look at it as Life and Death. "Thank George for all your great music."

Go with God. Go in Peace... JohnPaul Villegas 1982-2007 | Reviewer: Michelle | 4/11/08

My brother passed away in September of 2007. We were unable to tell him goodbye so I think its made our healing journey even more difficult. When I heard this song, I immediately loved it because of its' words. My family and I are very fortunate to have such supportive family and friends. Visit my brothers' guestbook at God Bless,

Kayla berquist | Reviewer: Jordan | 3/18/08

Kayla, i miss you babygirl. I need you here more than anything. Things have gotten pretty tough ever since youve left. I think about you everyday girl. I made you a video, i know you probably would like, everyone else does. We're twin sissy's forever rememeber? i love you twin sissy!

kayla berquist<3 | Reviewer: Anonymous | 12/5/07

wow.a friend of mine passed away about a week ago(11-25-07).she was only 14,and she always brought a smile to everyone's faces.i heard this song last night,and it made me think so much of her: )i truly admire tghis song now,just because it makes me think of kayla: )

Perfect song at the right time | Reviewer: Brian Morrison | 11/4/07

My father passed away a week before this song hit the radio but I ended up hearing it online in a preview and the words just spoke volumes and put us all to tears ... it was the perfect song for the perfect man we loved and it was played as we carried his casket out ... it touched everyone that day and every time I hear it I think of my father ... I still have yet to get through the song with a dry eye.

Missing my Father | Reviewer: Diane | 10/19/07

My father passed as a result of a tragic farming accident June 27, 2005. My brother heard this song on the radio and shared it with the rest of our family. Immediately we all new it was being played at Dad's Celebration of Life service. I'm now getting married Nov. 24, 2007. As a tribute to my father, I will play this song. My brother and his kids: 1 nephew, 2 nieces; my sister, my mother and I will each light a candle in rememberance of him. Dad may not be here in a physical presence but he'll always be in our hearts. I wanted somehow to implement his memory into my ceremony and I'm doing it with this song. Thanks George for putting our emotions and thoughts into a beautiful song! You've once again touched many lives with your words.

Incredible | Reviewer: Ally | 10/15/07

I adore this song. It makes me cry every time I hear it, because my lover went to war, and I'm afraid I'll never see him again. If he does pass during this, then I will play this song at his funeral. This song is so touching and poignant; I hope that anyone who hears it falls in love with it.

I'll see you again Scott! | Reviewer: Sabrina | 5/22/07

I lost my best friend May 17th to a car accident. We buried him on Monday the 21st and this song was played at his funeral. The words to this song have a powerful meaning. I know he is up there watching down on us now. It is still so hard to believe he is gone. I love you Scotty!