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Yothu Yindi Biography

Last updated: 05/16/2006

Pronouced as "yo-thoo yin-dee", the band's name translates from Yolngu matha to English as "child and mother" and is essentially a kinship term referring to the connection that the Yolngu (Australian Aboriginal) clans of north-eastern Arnhem Land have between themselves.

Even in their earliest stares, Yothu Yindi were recognised as a unique act. They combined the sounds and instruments of western rock 'n' roll with songs and preformances that date back tens of thousands of years.

Coming Together in 1986, yothu Yindi consists of both Yolngu (Aboriginal) and Balanda (non-Aboriginal) musicians and embodies a sharing of cultures. The band promotes the strength of Yolngu culture, presenting non-Aboriginal people throughout the world with an opportunity to appreciate and enjoy aspects of that ancient culture.