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Today Yo Gotti is one of hottest rappers on the planet, he
is always pushing himself to release new work and keep true
to what he believes. It is for this reason alone he has a
new album, CMT, coming out on April the 7th. But how did
this rapper get so much rep, become so popular, what’s his
story, where did he come from, where’s he headed? To answer
all these and many more questions you need to take a look
back at Yo Gotti’s life so far. So this article has been
put together to teach you all there is to know about Yo
Gotti, from his More...

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What's Wrong With You Lyrics - Yo Gotti | Reviewer: Anonymous
    ------ About the song What's Wrong With You performed by Yo Gotti

She from the north moved to the south
Then she moved down to the east
You can move a million times but bitch you still go be a freak
She use to fuck with Triple C, now she fuck with Nimean
Her sister nem from oragnge mound
they hooked her up with ballin G
That's a north Memphis hoe, you know that pimping go
Say she went to Northside, graduated from Melrose
Say she went 2 TSU, transfer to UT Chatt
Now she fucking Star and them, they don't want to give her back
Say her head dumb dumb, very very dumb dumb
That's a north Memphis bitch, I know where she come from
I know what her tongue done, I know where her mouth been
Don't you fall in love with her, she will fuck yo bestfriend

Terrible | Reviewer: The Kid
    ------ About the song Rappin' Like I'm Trappin' performed by Yo Gotti

Who did these lyrics?

"Investigation tapping niggers rating ‘till it fucks a sneach."

should say:

"Investigation tapping, niggas ratting, telling fuck a snitch.
You the type that never sold shit, but say you sold bricks."

wtf | Reviewer: mike
    ------ About the song CPR performed by Yo Gotti

This is the worst so many words that are not we he said in the song glad I learned on my own b4 seein this bullshit would b singin da song all wrong lol this really is sad though ruined the song

Gutta Shyte | Reviewer: Sha'Meka Mrs. Winn Boss
    ------ About the song We Can Get It On performed by Yo Gotti

This is my Shyte all day and night long. I really cant get enuff of dis I have to listen to dis song for like 10 times a day at least plus mi hubbi put me on it so u knw its all real from one to da next

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