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Just when you've thought you've seen and heard it all, in comes the Ying Yang Twins with their hot single "Whistle While You Twurk", taking the club scene and the Billboard rap charts by storm. With their sizzling debut album, Thug Walkin' a musical stroll through the lives of D-Roc and Kaine the Twins are ready to set the world on fire with their high energy music.

"We call the album Thug Walkin' because that's what we're doing every day of our lives, thug walkin'," says Kaine. "Where I come from, real thugs have heart. They listen to reason. They're not fake. Every time they get drunk or high they getting' all
loud with somebody. Naw, our definition of a thug is just somebody trying to get through life in the ghetto."

The Twins grew up in rough and rowdy East Atlanta, a place that has seen its share of violence and poverty (not to be confused with Atlanta's East Point district). According to the Ying Yang Twins, when they were kids East ATL was a good
place to grow up in spite of all the negative things that go on today. "We were raised in East Atlanta, " says Kaine. "It's in the heart of Atlanta. It's a rough hood, but people looked out for one another when we were coming up."

Despite the roughness of their of their neighborhood, D-Roc (D'Angelo Holmes) and Kaine (Eric Jackson), who have known each other for six years, found their way out of trouble via music. "D-Roc and Smurf had been in the game way before me," says Kaine. "At the time we were doing this other project called True Dawgs but the record company didn't know what to do with us or our style of music." Back then, the two were drawing inspiration from old school hip-hop as well as Atlanta's town bass scene and synthesizing them into something new. Their music was part of the early beginnings of the 'crunk' phenomenon. Shortly after their deal went sour, the duo made a guest appearance on ATL's legendary DJ Smurf's Dead Crunk LP. After hearing the chemistry between the two on his record, DJ Smurf suggested that they ought to stay together as a group instead of pursuing solo careers. "I came up with the idea for the Ying Yang twins," says Kaine. "I brought it by D-Roc, he liked it, so we ran from there."

As the Ying Yang Twins, the crafty duo have been winning over scores of fans with their electrifying shows and guest appearances on DJ Kizzy Rock's Grand Champion and So So Def's Bass Compilation Vol. 4. But it wasn't until the twins
dropped their surprise hit "Whistle While You Twurk" an infectious track that has become the national anthem for exotic dancers everywhere that their star really began to shine. "We really just put that song out for the strip clubs in the ATL,"
says D-Roc. "We didn't plan on that song getting Universal's attention 'cause everybody don't know what Magic City, Blue Flame or Foxy Lady was."

In no time, "Whistle While You Twurk" went from being a local hit to occupying the number one spot on the Billboard rap singles chart. Thug Walkin', the Twins' highly charged dynamic debut LP, was recorded in a week and promises to be one of he hottest records of the year.

Produced by Beat-In-Azz, Thug Walkin' contains over 70 minutes of high-energy beats and thunderous, gut-wrenching 808 bass. From the explosive opening track, "Ying Yang In This Thang" featuring the Hoodratz, down to the hyper crunk "Whistle While You Twurk" remixes, Thug Walkin' has so much energy that it will jumpstart a dead man's heart. But for those who need to slow down for a pit stop, don't fret. Ying Yang has got you covered with the smooth pimped out playa's anthem "Ballin' G's" and the cruising anthem of the year, "A!" the rowdy laid-back tribute to the Twins' hometown.

With their debut LP Thug Walkin', the Ying Yang Twins invite you to take a walk on the thug side of the ATL. They're willing to be that once you take that stroll, it will be a journey you'll never forget.

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To Tallahasee | Reviewer: Anonymous | 11/14/10

You are a perfect example of why this country is going to moral shit. D-Roc was a aware of her age before they even met up. He used the internet and his star power to persuade a girl who was only...mentally and emotionally that is still a child, and therefore could not realistically consent. And your "he's not the first and won't be the last" is like saying it's right because everybody is doing it. GOD help your children if you have any or decide to do so. The only thing is that YES her parents are at fault in the senzse that they should of help him accountable by law. They were in the wrong for not do so.

Not tha first and wont b tha last | Reviewer: Tallahassee | 6/29/10

Some people should just keep there month close. I mean 4-real who care who D-Roc sleeps with, not sayin that it was right, but he not tha first and wont b the last. Shit u cant just blame him, she has as much to do with it as him. Now let b 4-real if u put some ass in front of a man she offer, u really think he's not going to take it. Shit she shouldnt have had her young ass up to a grown mans room anyway, what did you think was going to happen. So to me if tha law was going to b put on someone it should b put on the main three people not just one. His for not checkin ID, her for having her young ass in a grown man room, and her parents for not knowin where there 15yr. old at. C i have 3, n tha way people takin,rapin, and killin kids i know where mine at n wat they doing at all times!!!!! OH P.S. Ask tha lil girl if she know how to contact him, cause im grown he aint got to worry about tha law....LMAO

To: Just another voice... | Reviewer: Pat | 9/7/09

The answer to your questions would not work in his favor, trust me on that one. He was fully aware of everything. I no longer talk to this particular girl anymore. Unfortunately, our friendship ended on really bad terms due to a mistake I made, a mistake that anybody in their right mind will tell you that it wasn't nearly as bad as droc actions where with her. My last post here was me venting, nothing more and nothing less. I was angry that he did that to her whether she wanted to with him or not, and also a little angry that she put herself in that risky situation. But I also always realized the past is the past, and she is a much better person now, so it doesn't matter....again, I was only venting. There's absolutely NO way I would of made good on those threats, because it isn't my place would of added more stress to her life after the fact, and that wouldn't of helped her in any way.

For Pat... | Reviewer: Just another voice... | 6/6/09

If the safety of a child is at risk, then it shouldn't matter what the child would think, you do what you have to do. It sounds as if there was 15 year old girl posing as a grown woman and now she doesn't want to be called out. How about get control of your lil fast child and maybe you wouldn't be having these conflicting issues. I am not condoning any man sleeping with a child, thats just wrong. I also don't condone adultery, but that is for his God to judge him accordingly. But how did she get in the room? Where were her parents? What pretenses were told to him before the whole thing went down...? I work in a high school, and I listen to these Young girls talk about their older boyfriends that don't know the true ages of the women, well actually, girls that they are messing with. Take that...

About D-Roc | Reviewer: Pat | 2/26/09

Just so all you Ying Yang Twin fans know, D-Roc had sex with a 15 year old girl when he was 28 in his hotel room. If you don't believe me, just keep in mind that I have dates, times, exact location, and other pertinent and relevant details. Not only he had sex with this child, he did this while in a long-term relationship with his fiance. I am sickened that D-Roc has not paid a price yet for his actions. If I can ever figure out a way to get the law involved so he can be tried and convicted without revealing who I am, I will do that. I do not and cannot risk the relationship I have with the girl/victim of this statutory rape. If I can figure out a way to bust D-Roc without her ever knowing or figuring out it was me who did, then I will in a second. Until I figure out a way, I will NOT hesitate to release my info to the authorities. I will keep looking for and talking to the right people to help me figure out a plan to do so. Until then, D-Roc should consider himself the luckiest man on the planet.

69 | Reviewer: Nikii | 5/14/07

I think you need to put some more lyrics up. For example i think you should post the lyrics to "69 different ways (I be 6 you be 9)" Mhmm....i think that songs today are so degrating but becasue they are so catchy its hard to not sing them. Like 69! Wow i love 69 its so WOW SEX...see what i meant thats what its all about SEX 69 missionary!!! i be six you be nine you get yours and i get mine name the place name the time we an do that 69!

Ying Yang Twins | Reviewer: Janina | 12/6/06

The Ying Yang Twins are THE best crunk group known to man they are awesome i love their music and we wish to see heaps more from the popular group and we all want them to come down to AUSTRALIA again they were awesome.


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