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In The Eyes Of A Mistress Yikes! Spikes! Lyrics

Last updated: 11/05/2011 11:00:00 AM

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You all are brutalizing me
You will be
The death of me
Well fuck that
I refuse to lose
And let you get the best of me
This is a tale of tragedy
Written by you and me
It all started back in the day
When we were friends until the end
Best fucking friends
Until the end
And no one could tear us apart
Joined at the hip, joined at the heart
We were one person and the same
Then tragedy came and struck us down
And she insisted on being friends
With her perfect smile
Blond hair, blue eyes and a body like wow
It's the beginning of the end
This girl will tear us both apart
She's just a whore like the rest of them
Don't say things like that man
I think I love her
Stop it, stop it, I can't live without her
If you say one more thing about her
Our friendship is over
This is a tale of tragedy
Written by you and me
A tale of friendship come and gone
A story told so many times
I thought that you would be the one
To stay there by my side
It's supposed to be
Bros before hoes
Fuck you, you fucking bitch
It's supposed to be
Bros before hoes

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