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Switchfoot Yesterdays Lyrics

Last updated: 07/21/2013 06:51:25 AM

Flowers cut and brought inside
Black cars in a single line
Your family in suits and ties
And you're free

The ache I feel inside
Is where the life has left your eyes
I'm alone for our last goodbye
But you're free

I remember you like yesterday, yesterday
I still can't believe you're gone, oh...
I remember you like yesterday, yesterday
And until I'm with you, I'll carry on

Adrift on your ocean floor
I feel weightless, numb, and sore
A part of you in me is torn
And you're free

I woke from a dream last night
I dreamt that you were by my side
Reminding me I still had life
In me

I'll carry on

Every lament is a love song
Yesterday, yesterday
I still can't believe you're gone
So long my friend, so long

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Full of memeries | Reviewer: Ijala philip | 7/21/13

I'm in Africa, where it takes the whole village to approve the love of your life.unfortunately after being approved, Jackie decides to leave me. when i heard this track, her full memories triked me down.

No words | Reviewer: Clari | 12/8/10

I lost a friend a few months ago. It was the worst thing that happened to me in my whole life. I will never forget him and I will carry on as the song says.
This song is amazing, it brings me hope and strength, two things I lost since his death

My Friend | Reviewer: moe | 8/4/09

this song makes me really sad but at the same time it lifts me up. Hoping that maybe again i'll 'reunite' with him. He isn't dead, he's alive. He was my friend but something happened that I haven't seen him for two months and I'm not gonna be seeing him anytime soon. This gives me the hope I'll see him one day. This song fits perfectly into my life.

sthis song describes wath i feel | Reviewer: anna | 6/8/09

this song describes wath i feel and this song is one of my best friend´s fav he lost his gradpa about 3 years ago and this song was his favorite and i didnt know why until 2 years ago one of my bf died she was soo special well the thing is that until i heard this song i didnt know why this song was my best friend´s fav and the point is that i thank my bf for liking this song "i remember u like yesterday" and "until im with u i´ll carry on" those are my fav parts in the lyrics and song :)
btw if u r a SF fan here´s my msn

if u r a fan add me

Gbu all!!!

so real to me | Reviewer: Anonymous | 2/8/09

I lost my dad 7 1/2 years ago and it still feels like yesterday. I was closer to him than anyone and he was such a hero to me. Still, over seven years later, this song makes me cry because it is exactly how I feel. "I dreamt that you were by my side reminding me I still had life in me"... wow. I still have life in me and if it wasn't for God and knowing that my dad must be okay, I would have given up long ago. This song is a beautiful mix of sad and inspirational, definitely the best song on Oh! Gravity.

For my friend... | Reviewer: Anonymous | 8/18/08

I have always felt somewhat responsible for a friend's suicide attempt. After the attempt, he was left with brain damage and unable to walk. He still attends the same high school I do, and for the past two years, I've had to see him nearly every day. And every time, it broke my heart to see him like that, knowing I should have done something. Part of him was lost forever after that night...but this song gives me hope that his spirit is still out there. I know it's for someone who died, but sometimes, I can't help but feel that he died, and that I'm just seeing his ghost. But I know that he wouldn't want me to dwell on this...he'd want me to realize that life is for the living, and to carry on. This song helped me to realize it. I love you forever, kid...can't wait to be with you again, but for long.

rest in peace | Reviewer: Anonymous | 8/4/08

one of my dearest friends passed away earlier this year.. they played this song as he was leaving the church, sometimes it feels like its the only thing i have left of him, i know its not thou as his memory still lives on in all our hearts but "until im with you i carry on".. which i intend to do
i miss you so much and you will forever be my angel!

Funeral Song | Reviewer: Wishgabishgus | 4/8/08

I love this song, it has become my new favorite. Im gonna have it played at my funeral (may it not be soon) as a sort of "final Wishes" for everyone there. The song personifies sadness, hope, forgiveness, and letting go. It has an impact on anyone who has seen death in their life and speaks their thoughts.

yesterday.... | Reviewer: Travis Glascock | 12/3/07

I had a friend from my high school die while i was away my first semester at college and that night i went to cruise i get my mind away from the matter that night and this song came on... it was so surreal. i went home for the funeral and it was all i could think about and then over fall break two of his best friends were in the car with me and it came on thru my ipod and it ended up with me dropping them off to go visit him at the semetery. i have never had so much emotion wrapped into a song so accurately

So many yesterdays that I wish had never happened... | Reviewer: Stefan Hay | 9/11/07

...but, still, you take me back. I have done so much to harm You and release myself from Your prescence, yet you wrap me in arms of everlasting love and hold me tight!
This song, to me, sums up all regret and deeds that we wish had never done, and nips it in the bud. It simply reminds me that God will pick us up, despite what we've done; all we have to do is make sure we've confessed our sin before Him and He'll do the rest. It is an awesome feeling to be shouded in His glorious love, and to be right with Him; I never want to go back.

"Every lament is a love song..."

Amazing. | Reviewer: Nick | 8/28/07

This song is amazing along with every other song ever made by switchfoot. I have been to 3 switchfoot concerts and went on stage during a song at one concert.

switchfoot not only makes good music. but they are good people, down to earth and all.

The Best | Reviewer: Frank | 7/7/07

Probably the best song from Switchfoot ever. I haven't lost anyone recently, but every time I listen to this song I feel what people are going through who have. I love how it sounds; it gives me the same feeling as "24". Amazing song! I <3 Switchfoot.

yesterday... | Reviewer: anon | 6/12/07

omigosh, this is the best song ever. i can finally feel how some people who lost friends/family feel like. i haven't lost anyone i was close to, and this song illustrates the feeling perfectly. i feel like i wanna cry when i listen to it. :,,,,(

Great | Reviewer: Anonymous | 5/5/07

Yesterday is one of the best songs I've ever heard. Simple but emotionally powerful and thought-provoking. Definitely the best on the Gravity album.

Yesterday... | Reviewer: Dani | 4/10/07

I totally love this song, and Switchfoot. One of my best friends lost his dad a few years back and this one really reminds me of it and him. Just keep pulling through. I'm going to remember this song forever... every lament is a love song...