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Yesterdays Rising Biography

Last updated: 08/29/2003 10:26:09 PM

It happens maybe once or twice in a lifetime where a band of teenage musicians change the face of music. It usually comes as a slap in the face, wake up call. Well the phone is ringing…

Yesterdays Rising, from Murrieta, California, hot new EP, When We Speak, We Breathe (Fearless Records), has forged thick layers of instrumentation and In-Your-Face vocals with a tender ear for sophisticated pop poignancy. This well crafted tightly produced hook laddened EP is appealing to Rock, Indie, Hard Core and Metal fans alike. The legendary Don Lithgow, produced a stunning sphere of beautifully tragic textures that will drop the jaw of the most jaded listener.

Yesterdays Rising’s takes you to a place where all is not right with a dark landscape and moody atmosphere looming just overhead, but you see a crack of sunshine through the clouds and promises that tomorrow, just maybe, will be a better day. This work is infected with hidden optimism that you will crave when life hits you with a sucker punch.

Thanks to JESSE HITCHCOCK for submitting the biography.