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Yes Yesterday And Today Lyrics

Last updated: 08/19/2007 11:00:00 AM

Why is there you,
When there are few,
People making me feel good.
Why is there me,
When air is free,
Some I can see better than I should,
There's only us,
simply because,
Thinking of us makes us both happy
I think of you everyway, yesterday and today,
I think of things we do all the way everyday
Stand in the sea
sing songs for me,
Sing happily making me feel good,
Watching your eyes,
Feeling your sighs,
saying goodbyes better than I could,
There's only us,
simply because,
Thinking of us makes us both happy
I think of you everyway yesterday and today,
I think of nothing but you things we do, things we do.

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Yes before they were Prog!!! | Reviewer: toby | 8/18/2007

This song has two attributes that most Yes fans would not associate with the group;this song is both simple and short.For a band who would go on to record twenty minute,mellotron-infused suites, the sound of Jon Anderson singing to about two-and-a-half minutes of simple piano music is really interesting. Yesterday and Today, the third track on the eponymous debut album (1969),shows a young band, sure of its talent, yet unsure of its direction. (Much of this can be attributed to original guitarist Peter Banks, who seemed to envision Yes as a Cream-style jazz-rock band.) Y&T is a beautiful, relaxing fusion of Jon's high-register voice and a soft acoustic piano that made no effort to compete with the voice track. Completely unpretentious (we're taliking about YES,folks!), I highly recommend this song.

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