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Hank Thompson Yesterday's Girl Lyrics

Last updated: 11/26/2007 11:00:00 AM

You told her lies as her starry eyes looked up in admiration
You painted scenes and lovely dreams with all your temptation
You spoke of things like wedding rings and promised her the world
For no cause at all you let her fall and now she's yesterday's girl

You think it's smart to lure the heart of a girl whose lips you've kissed
Is it just a game to add her name to your brokenhearted list
You've loved some long you've loved some wrong you promised each the world
Each came to be just a memory and another yesterday's girl
[ fiddle ]
Don't you sometimes feel that love is real the greatest thing in life
Not one romance you gave the chance to be your cherished wife
You cheat and lie you make them cry and promise each the world
And one by one they each become another yesterday's girl

When autumn falls and you recall the things that might have been
Then you'll pause and see you caused the grief that's deep within
When you're old and love grows cold I'll bet you'd give the world
To just relive to take and give the love of a yesterday's girl
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