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Rascal Flatts Yes I Do Lyrics

Last updated: 03/15/2009 11:00:00 AM

Do I cry, in the night?
Do I long to hold you tight?
And do I wake, wanting you?
Yes I do
Do I recall, everyday,
How you took my breath away?
Do I remember loving you?
Yes I do

Yes I do dream of all we had together
Yes it's true we lost it all forever
And do I pray anyway?
Yes I do

I don't live in the past
Wanting love that wouldn't last
I don't ache, like I used to
Yes I do

[Chorus x2]

Yes I do
Do I pray?
Yes I do dream of all we had together

Yes I do

And Yes I do

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I really do love... | Reviewer: Ebear | 3/15/09

This song is the perfect fit. I just broke up with the only person I have ever loved and probably will ever love me! He tried so hard to keep us together and continues to know that we are perfect together. I choose my career before my personal life and he doesn't. I ache for him daily but reality is what it is!

this sooooooo rocks i ♥ it | Reviewer: Brooke a.k.a BrookieBear | 6/4/07

this is 1 sad reminds me of my dad be/c he died....the lyrics go perfect to what i do!