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Put aside the usual pigeonholes, things like style and
genre classifications - it takes much more for a band to
really make a personal connection with people. Yellowcard
understand this. The Ventura-based punk quintet (by way of
Jacksonville, Florida), have made that direct musical
connection in each of the hundreds of shows they've played
at all-ages punk nights, rock dives, school events,
suburban VFW halls, living rooms, back yards and any of the
other places they play over 200 nights a year. It's a
mature insight for More...

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Review about Yellowcard songs
missing someone like her | Reviewer: Anonymous
    ------ About the song Only One performed by Yellowcard

i like this song it reminds me of my xgf,.even though were in different ways,..i do still love her and miss dat much,..


Perfect | Reviewer: jimmy
    ------ About the song Back Home performed by Yellowcard

I moved from my hometown in rural Pennsylvania to the San Francisco Bay earlier this year with stars in my eyes and a lifelong SF Bay dream pushing me. Three months later, I'm having real trouble economically and I may have to move back home. Upon asking myself whether I want to move back home (which I thought would be impossible) my mind brought up this song. It is absolutely perfect for my situation. I came here because of a dream I had, left behind a supportive family and group of close friends in hopes of adding some substance to my life, but the reality is that people don't welcome new friends out here like they do at home, and no one wants to spend the energy to care about you. I feel like an alien on a strange world, and no one wants to listen to my story. I think I might end up going home and trading the California dream for the love of all the people that make me who I am.

Keeper is universal | Reviewer: Trevor
    ------ About the song Keeper performed by Yellowcard

Like Lauren said I think it has a universal meaning.... I have been on and off with a girl for a few years now.... But I lost feelings for her but hoping they come back.. But after her being suicidal I don't think I can go back. Now I have feelings for another girl but I cannot tell her how I feel and she can't tell me how she feels because of the situation I'm in..... Favorite song by yellowcard.

luv screw get fixed up 4 reson | Reviewer: alaska..nending
    ------ About the song Only One performed by Yellowcard

I RLLY luv dis..sng i luv ma boyfrnd ya w hd mny brkups,agrues,n evn fought dat didnt chnge nytin it mde m evn luv him mre.......i rlly luv him a lot...aftr h's da only 1....tings might get chnge aftr many years bt he wil b ma only 1 til ma life u mistr nendin

Breathing, Yellowcard | Reviewer: Anonymous
    ------ About the song Breathing performed by Yellowcard

I love YC, like, a lot... but at first I didn't understand the lyrics to breathing and I skipped it on my playlist every time, cause I hated it. I loved the music intro though, which was the only part of the song I'd heard, so I finally listened to the rest and I don't want to delete it anymore... it's okay now, but seriously, if you haven't heard Telescope and Here I Am Alive and Be the Young, download. now.

True lyrics | Reviewer: Anonymous
    ------ About the song Empty Apartment performed by Yellowcard

I know many of you have your stories and what not, but this song is my relationship to a T. My ex boyfriend moving from various apartments with only a bed and TV set up and everything else is boxes, me wishing I could just be there, I would have been if he truly loved me. Being with someone for 4 years changes your perspective on things. He needed to let me go after the awful things he caused me but still to this day he attempts to have me back in his life, but you can only take so much from a person until you say "no" even though your dying to say "yes". Maybe some day I will see you again and you'll look me in my eyes and call me your friend, even though I love you too much to just be friends. Forever and always, M.

RIP Joel | Reviewer: Margaret
    ------ About the song View From Heaven performed by Yellowcard

We went to a funeral yesterday for a very special young man who will be greatly missed. Joels brother Joshuah sang view from heaven at the church service and there was not a dry eye in the church. What a beautiful song and we are so proud of you Joshuah for being so brave and presenting such a beautiful song.

Relationships and the factors that sometimes break them. | Reviewer: Gail
    ------ About the song Rough Landing, Holly performed by Yellowcard

I think this song is about someone on drugs, and a relationship he may have been in, where he flies to and from someone, and like shes what brings him back down to gravity, but he knows hes gonna let her go because of his ways. Amazing band, his lyrics are usually about relationships

Beautiful song | Reviewer: Anonymous
    ------ About the song View From Heaven performed by Yellowcard

I'm in love with this song and the band. I love all their songs, but especially this one! It literally makes me cry. And I rarely cry....I cannot believe music of this beauty exists. I hope Yellowcard keeps making music forever ^-^

A day of remembrance | Reviewer: Frank Paul
    ------ About the song Two Weeks From Twenty performed by Yellowcard

This ongoing War in the middle east has taken 6 friends of my life and as I was cleaning my house today this song came on the speakers (my itunes was on random) and it caused me to sit down and reflect on the friends who didn't make it back. I miss them, and I thank heavens for bringing me back in one piece.

" We are still in the desert."

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