Yellowcard Albums

  • Lift A Sail Album (10/7/2014)
    Transmission Home
    Crash the Gates
    Make Me So
    One Bedroom
    Fragile and Dear
    The Deepest Well
    Lift a Sail
    My Mountain

  • Southern Air Album (8/14/2012)
    Surface of the Sun
    Always Summer
    Here I Am Alive
    Sleep In The Snow
    A Vicious Kind
    Rivertown Blues
    Southern Air

  • Paper Walls Album (7/17/2007)
    Cut Me, Mick
    Date Line (I Am Gone)
    Dear Bobbie
    Five Becomes Four
    Light Up The Sky
    Shadows And Regrets
    Shrink The World
    The Takedown
    You And Me And One Spotlight

  • Lights and Sounds Album (1/24/2006)
    Three Flights Up
    Lights And Sounds
    Down On My Head
    Sure Thing Falling
    City Of Devils
    Rough Landing, Holly
    Two Weeks From Twenty
    Waiting Game
    Martin Sheen Or JFK
    Space Travel
    Words, Hands, Hearts
    How I Go
    Holly Wood Died

  • Where We Stand Album (3/30/2004)
  • Ocean Avenue Album (7/22/2003)
  • The Underdog [EP] Album (7/9/2002)
  • One for the Kids Album (4/17/2001)
  • Midget Tossing Album (4/1/1997)

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    Reviews about Yellowcard albums
    nateFUTURE!!! | Reviewer: Tsebo
        ------ About the album Ocean Avenue performed by Yellowcard

    Beautiful album. Back home is my all time favourite rock track, by my all time fav' rock band. You guys are The Best! I love all your albums, Lights + Sounds, Paper walls etc. Absolutely beautiful.

    just amazing | Reviewer: oceab avenue
        ------ About the album Ocean Avenue performed by Yellowcard

    I'm in love with yellow card. They're absolutely the best band ever. I can't get over how good their music is. This album is one of their best. There isn't one song I dont like. Ocean avenue never puts me down its just a song I ca have on replay and I can't wait to see this album preformed live on Friday <3

    amazing | Reviewer: Prash
        ------ About the album Southern Air performed by Yellowcard

    Southern air is one good album.
    Yellowcard has done a gr8 job with the guitars and violin with superb lyrics for every kind of mood in a very cherubic way!!!
    Loved this album.
    Nice album

    Life changingly good! | Reviewer: Yellowcard's #1 fan
        ------ About the album Ocean Avenue performed by Yellowcard

    I have to agree with all of these people. My bro got me into listening to yellowcard and they help me get through the day. I love all the songs on this album even the two i haven't heard. Wish they would come to colorado for a cheap concert! Go Yellowcard u guys rock!

    I love yellow card | Reviewer: some one who loves yellow card
        ------ About the album Ocean Avenue performed by Yellowcard

    I first heard yellow card on madden 08 fighting was the song and i liked it so i looked it up on the internet and i fell in love with it. I loved all the songs like three flights down, only one, and pretty much all the others. yellow card is the best band ever.

    Who cares about the critics, you got me! | Reviewer: Mitch
        ------ About the album Lights and Sounds performed by Yellowcard

    Critically acclaimed as the worst album from Yellowcard's run with Capitol, i love album's. Although i can't stand "City of Devils" (exageration of course) and I've heard "Lights and Sounds" too much ... every other song on this album is a masterpiece. From the live orchestra on the first and last song, do having a charcter stream throughout the album. Having seen the 'making of' this album, i can appreciate furthermore.

    The favourite from YC ... for most | Reviewer: Mitch
        ------ About the album Ocean Avenue performed by Yellowcard

    Ocean Avenue: Yellowcard's breakout album, and their first from Capitol Records. This record delivers very catchy choruses, with a side of tenderness. Although I am not a fan of the first 3 songs, usually peoples' favourite, i do love songs as 'Empty Apartment' 'Miles Apart' and 'One Year, Six Months'. These songs tickle with the inner-makings of my heart.

    Leave us with your best? | Reviewer: Mitch
        ------ About the album Paper Walls performed by Yellowcard

    Paper Walls is the most recent album Yellowcard has put out for us, pre-hiatus 2007. This record has the least singles, and is my favourite (of the records from Capitol). A funny thing i did notice. Ocean Ave. has the most singles(3), my least favourite, Lights and Sounds, has the middle amount(2), and is my second favourite, and Paper Walls, has the least amount (1), and is my favourite ... i might hate popular music.

    Great Album - Best Band | Reviewer: Mitch
        ------ About the album One for the Kids performed by Yellowcard

    Starting off with an extremely catchy first track, OFTK delivered extremely. The first album from YC with Ryan Key, has incredible lyrics, with both rocking punk songs, and ballada that pull at the heart strings. My favourite song is not on the original album. "Rough Draft" is on the bonus track edition, i highly recommened scavenging to get the extra "3" tracks, you'll get the joke once you buy it.

    Haley :) | Reviewer: Anonymous
        ------ About the album Ocean Avenue performed by Yellowcard

    I love this album of yellow card. when i was in middle school it was one of the first CDs i'd had and it helped me get through everyday. I was a depressed little kid due to family problems but thnx to yellow card im still here 2day YAY! And now i'm a happy converse-loving 10th grader :)

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