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Yellow Second Biography

Last updated: 05/23/2005 11:33:22 PM

With the impending release of “Altitude,” Yellow Second is ever ascending to new heights. Combining smart but catchy arrangements with honest lyrics, the songs soar well above the average, cookie-cutter compositions of so many pop bands. Fans of artists like Weezer, The Posies, Superdrag, and Fountains of Wayne will appreciate this bands well-crafted melodies and heart-felt words.

Formed in late 1999 by Scott Kerr, Yellow Second set out with the goal of "writing good songs which are musically interesting but also accessible.” Those who have heard the band's recordings or live performance agree this goal has been achieved. Indeed, upon hearing Yellow Second’s debut album "June One,˜ the Long Beach, CA based web zine The Scout were inclined to print;

"Yellow Second is a radio friendly power pop band who write songs that get stuck in your head for weeks on end. . . you can tell the band has more talent in one finger than most bands on the radio."

While the Denver entertainment weekly, Westword magazine, had this to say about "Still Small," their sophomore release:

"Still Small is an awfully modest title for this disc. . .power pop filled to the brim with bright hooks and snappy grooves. . . [Yellow Second is a] most promising act. . .Color me impressed."

And the music editor of Go-Go magazine said that:

"['Still Small' is] Polished and well-produced. . . a masterful slab of guitar pop heaven. . . Partly Weezeresque, with an obvious love of the Fab Four and a willingness to bang hard on their instruments, Yellow Second sounds as if they should be on the radio. Like yesterday."

While the band spent its formative years primarly playing locally and honing their own brand of pop, 2004 saw them break out of Denver to embark on several national tours, supporting such acts as Something Corporate, Relient K, and the Rocket Summer. Yellow Second plans on touring extensively for 2005 in support of their third album “Altitude,” which takes off March 8th.

Yellow Second is:
Scott Kerr - vocals, guitar, keys
Josh Hemingway - guitar, backing vocals
Andy Verdecchio - drums
Brett Bowden - bass

legal: Beth S. Patterson