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Dolly Parton Yellow Roses Lyrics

Last updated: 03/03/2005 11:00:00 AM

Hello you said the day we met handing me a yellow rose
You asked me out and to your surprise and to mine I said I'd go
I thought it so romantic and I found you sweet and bold
Though we'd only met I still said yes to a single yellow rose

And for years to come you were the one to sleep with me at night
To laugh and talk and share my thoughts and hold me when I'd cry
And on every rare occasion and for no good reason to
A big bouquet or a single yellow rose was sent from you

Yellow roses the color of sunshine
You loved me at one time why did you have to go
Yellow roses are you sending your new love
My bright yellow rose buds I still love you so

I never see a yellow rose that I don't think of you
It's still my favorite flower though the yellow's turned to blue
The day you left my teardrops fell upon your farewell note
You said goodbye like you said hello with a single yellow rose

Yellow roses the color of sunshine...
Yellow roses the color of sunshine...