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Electric Light Orchestra Yellow Rainbow Lyrics

Last updated: 09/16/2010 11:00:00 AM

First of all let me describe
Major struggle to survive
Just a weary group of people
Waiting for the world to end
Feel it spreading rapidly
Bound together by a legend
To protect usand defend

Lead us to the yellow rainbow
Just in case the earth should fall
If you find the yellow rainbow
You can save us all

.. come from blackened cloud
Sometimes seems to speak out loud
Icy brew of winds prevailing
From the cauldrons of the storm
Hear the children's voices plead
Please don't let the sky fall in
We might find the yellow rainbow
Ferry lights to keep them warm


I can take the atmosphere then tape it down
Overactive mind works like an underground

Fear our hope's about to be
Buried in obscurity
Saw a man with eyes like saucers
Caught up in a web of lies
.. that opened up before us
Cast a rainbow big and bright

Lead us to the yellow rainbow
Just in case the earth should fall

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greatest psychedelic song | Reviewer: bikram | 9/16/10

This is not an 'electric light orchestra' song.It's was recorded by 'The Move' before they changed to 'elo'.Well, the riffs & drumming in the song are mindblowing.It's a psychedelic masterpiece.In fact, their debut album 'Move' is the best psychedelic album ever made.It's as good as sgt. pepper's by the beatles,even better!