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Yelawolf Biography

Last updated: 11/06/2013 08:09:02 AM

Michael Wayne Atha Born to a single mother in Gadsden Alabama - YelaWolf would find the word "home which loosely over pretty much all his pre-adolescents and teens hold residence in Baton Rouge, Franklin, TN Nashville hometown of Atlanta and Gadsden, of course, would be expected for a military brat, but he was not in the name of justice ... something good came out of his nomadic upbringing because of his love for Hip-Hop grew while living in Antioch TN starting around 1993 "The suburban neighbor on the outskirts of Nashville became a reality a young YelaWolf a broad perception that the street life and an appreciation for Hip-Hop permission of the artists Snoop Dogg Three 6 Mafia NWA IceCube Souls of Mischief Digable Planets UGK Skinny Pimp Nappyhead and Gold Teeth with locomotivesala artists like Southside Hustler and Haystack "Antioch is where Hip-Hop really became real for me that is where I started writing raps, it was like ... I already knew about Hip-Hop, but I really did not jump in head first until I moved there "There is no denying that living in Music City and later parts of the city helped give him his creative spirit," I actually got suspended for my first rap even where I was going to this school called Lawrence Carter in the center of Nashville, "I began writing this a special rap and my boy was like "Let me get a copy of" and I was in the principal's office to make copies ... please do not ask me why but I wanted to give people a copy when I was in the office was the principle which allowed me to see it and he pulled upand it was a bunch of swear words in it because I was just basically at the point of emulation, of course, all of my favorite rappers so he interrupted me and called my mother would come and get me my mom came up there and beat a bitch she was like " how dare you try to stifle their creativity Look at this crap he dealt with everyday you can not interrupt him to write this "She got me back in school and after that I knew that my mother had her back on her pretty but as a sign of believing in me and that I was on something after that I just write and I have always been a writer '

After years of perfecting his writing and moving home to Gadsden later YelaWolf met with his friend Jeremy "J Dot" Jones was to come be a halften of his management team along with Courtney "Bear" Sills "When I first met YelaWolf I quickly related to their mood and sound I knew it! He reminded me of several friends I grew up in Alabama A cool ass country white boy who listened to hip-hop and hardcore rap and had rebel flags on their trucks, but when I heard him flow, I immediately was blown away and now I have worked with him since then, "said J Dot From back in 2007 J Dot took him to the Atlantis Music Conference in Atlanta that hand out CDs and networks, while they would meet with Courtney "Bear" Sills and bridge networks that would open a big door "That day I had collected close to 50 CDs so when I went back to my office I listened to 3 other CDs innan I dived into YelaWolf's I was blown away from the first song and the next seven songs were just as stuck my name is Jeremy and he invited me to Wolf's show that night I called CP (Kawana Prather) to tell him that I had met an artist who was so refreshing to my ear that he had to check it out, I went to the show that night and what I saw was the raw energy, it was fun, he had charisma, he had his own style and he was a star I said to him when he step of the stage that I would make something happen for him to change his life, he did not believe me that he said "Yes sure" I had CP coming down that night and I had setup a presentation at 2:00 that evening at Marvelous Ent Wolf it rocked! CP said, "Let's Do It" YelaWolf have "IT"- Enough said" YelaWolf - "We ran over to this place and when we walked into the room setup for us CP sat there and I just knew what time it was, I went over and threw my CD and jagberättade all let us put it on now and we performed for him - just him ... my whole crew After performing for like 800 people the night before it was worth it because he basically he signed me on the spot, he was with Columbia, where deal ended in a Columbia / Ghet-O-Vision Ent agreement "" As an MC I felt YelaWolf was an incredible MC with the ability to tell stories that give you into his world, I also thought that Wolf had the potential to be the voice of some people who were not currently speaking with or spoken to in Hip-Hop from my years workingt with an artist who has become "Superstars" by TI OutKast and Pink I've found that they all have a level of fearlessness a relentless drive and work ethic that combines jagncredible talent that most people who are just talented does not hold Yelawolf have the same combination of talent, fearlessness drive and work ethic to become a Superstar, "says CP

Even YelaWolf felt like he got a break after an agreement was reached with Columbia and Ghet-O-Vision would be short-lived once Columbia began to make cuts" They reconfigured their whole shit when they hired Rick Rubin, and he shut it down shit he got rid of all but before he could do as we dipped People have a misconception about what was happening to me Some people thought I got away... most people think I got dropped but that was not so they ended up getting rid of all my team and together with CP and to me it was like there was no reason to stay at Columbia My entire group were Leaving so we went and we have driven with only Ghet-O-Vision on the streets ever since "In the years YelaWolf has dropped a collection of mixtapes as Slick Rick and Bobby Stereo and now Trunk Muzik He released an EP called Arena Rap During this time he also worked with Artists such as Bob Killer Mike Juelz Santana Diamond from Crime Mobb Slim Thug and "Chef" Raekwon Although his music is unparalleled in many artist out there now, he knows more than ever that it is time to make things happen for his career, I have spent many years trying to figure ut know what and how I can say or how I can convey this culture that I live and still be Listenable and cool with people because it was not easy to figure out how to talk about all this redneck and hood shit in one post you know dettog me a while to figure it out but when I got the sound and figured out what I would say that I just ran with it to the music scene Gadsden is like "Hustle and Flow" and there is much talent here and I `m hoping that the door opens up for these guys but it is entirely up to them I can only help by being me and with my own perspective to write my music for opening up the cinema courtesy of Yelawolf's myspace page: http://wwwmyspacecom / yelawolf