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Helloween Years Lyrics

Last updated: 01/22/2013 05:17:47 AM

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I see you beg for truth
here's some news I can convey
All your life's in your own hands
Flat or steep you define yourself

Take a stance towards life that will keep you strong so you're in control
Free your mind and choose from the good things that come your way

See the years passing by
Add your part, fade and die
We're all in this scheme to thrive
In a quest to persevere
Don't submit to your fears
Even you'll see the light

I just heard, you made the call
Untold myths and pains resolved
Time has shown, no time left to tell
Keep your life, you just saved yourself

Build up strength so life can't turn awkward, avoid the pigeonholes
Free your mind to choose from the good things that come your way

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