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Dear Amy, see you in September
Hope that you remember me next year
Hey Jamie, you've been a great friend to me
I hope that I'll still see you around here
'Cause I'm looking through the yearbook then I find that empty space
There's a name without a picture, but I can't forget his face
Tell me where did he go, I want to know
Where did Johnny go?
It says, "Picture unavailable" right here
More than sad, it makes me mad to know somebody knows
There's a lying in your silence. Tell me where did Johnny go?
Poor Katie, she won't even speak his name
None of us will ever be the same
It's quiet in the halls, but I hear echoing off the walls.
The rumors of Johnny's mystery
'Cause I'm looking through the yearbook then I find that empty space
No he never wrote me nothing, but I can't forget his face
[Repeat Chorus]

Ohhh. There's a lying in your silence. Tell me where did Johnny go?
Ohhh. There's a lying in your silence. Tell me where did Johnny go?
Sometimes I think I hear him calling out my name
Sometimes I wonder if maybe we're to blame
It's been a year now and a lot of things have changed
But I keep thinking about Johnny. I keep turning to that page.
Where did he go I want to know, Where did he go I want to know?
Ohhh. There's a lying in your silence. Tell me where did Johnny go?
Ohhh. There's a lying in your silence. Tell me where did Johnny go?

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So erie... | Reviewer: Anonymous | 9/11/11

I first heard this song about a year ago and even knowing what Hanson said the inspiration was for the song was I can't help but feel there's something MUCH DEEPER here. It's something about the tonal aspect of their voices and "More than sad, it makes me mad to know that somebody knows..." It's almost as though Johnny was either murdered, ran away or was kidnapped and maybe murdered or just never found. So many tragic possibilities. If anyone has been in the position of knowing someone like Johnny, I hope and pray you find the truth of what happened.
I may have left my teen years way behind me but still this song is so erie, sad and thought provoking. It almost brings me to tears thinking about it.

WOW. | Reviewer: Anonymous | 8/2/11

This song is almost haunting. I got this CD when I was seven. I am now 17 :) At that age I didn't know the meaning of these songs, but now I listened to them again. My initial thought was that he was bullied so he comitted suicide, but now after reading some of the other comments, I think he may have been kidnapped. Especially with the lines "Poor Katie, she won't even speak his name. None of us will ever be the same", "It's quiet in the halls, I hear echoing off the walls. The rumours of Johnny's mystery" and "...Maybe we're to blame".

Johnny was kiddnapped | Reviewer: Chas | 10/28/10

Song is about a boy who was kidnapped and never found. He was a kid that had a few friends but none that really cared about him,or noticed him that's what the verse means maybe were to blame.Because Johnny was gone and no-one noticed until it was too late.

My interpretation? | Reviewer: Anne | 5/30/09

I think that it's about some kid that always got made fun of in school that no one liked and so he killed himself. Like, where they say, "I wonder if maybe we're to blame". I'm probably wrong cause I've found much better justified interpretations lol.

My Theory For This Song | Reviewer: Karlita | 3/18/09

My Theory is that Johnny was the narrator in the Man from Milwaukee. The last lines "Left me at the bus stop just barely sane..... Talking on my yellow Walkie Talkie, I'm talking to Mars..... I know they'll come get me...... if not tomorrow then maybe today" tell me that Johnny got picked up by either Mother Bird or Baby Bird, and nobody knows what really happened to him because he was sitting at a bus stop in the middle of nowhere talking to the big toed bald man. Johnny's picture wasn't in the yearbook because the day they were all supposed to take pictures, Johnny decided it was a good idea to skip school. That's what I think.


A Song that touch my soul | Reviewer: Lonely Soul | 1/1/09

wow..the first time I listen to this song, I feel that there is much more meaning to it...then I check out the lyric, it's really touching...I know that this song is out for quite some time...yet it brings back memory of someone we love that went missing or what so ever....I don't know about you, but I will definitely highly rate this song....keep on rocking you..cheer..

Yearbook | Reviewer: Alison | 6/19/08

Fab song. Really feel emotion when I hear it. It's about a kid who went missing. Vanished off the face of the earth & no-one knows what happened to him. All the other kids wonder what ever happened and can't help feeling guilty if they could have done something to prevent his disappearance. So sad - it happens.

damn | Reviewer: bennett | 2/8/08

this was my first CD i ever got, i was so like into this when i was a lil kid, coming back and lookin at it now i think its funny, but seriously theres gotta be a deeper meaning to this song, cause other wise it would be retarded

Rarw | Reviewer: Carol | 2/1/08

I love this song....but Johnny wasn't a "Beloved person" he was someone in the yearbook who's picture wasn't there and the whole song is wondering why its not.

Love the song tho one of my Favs!

nostalgie | Reviewer: Anonymous | 1/25/08

well,how old was he when they recorded it? cause he sounds so young, yet so mature, and the music is cool, and hell yeah Gabe, it's really hard to imagine that a bloke so young could write this!

i can see myself the way i was at the age of 15..))

do you think that Johnny-boy died?

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