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Kelly Clarkson Yeah Lyrics

Last updated: 12/04/2009 10:00:00 AM

Lay back, enjoy the fall lover I won't hurt you
I take it all on if you trust me
Don't hesitate let it go, let me know, baby show me
I don't read minds but I'm trying my best to read yours

Let me know, let me know
Let me know, it's all for you

Help me help yourself
I want to give it all to you but
Don't make me second guess, I don't want to play games no more
For sure I've got your back, I've never wanted anything more than you and your sexy smile
I love you so try not to blow it this time

Let me know, let me know
Let me know, it's all for you

Everything inside you, about you
I want to know, taste, hold, love you anytime I want to
Let me show you, let me give you everything I have saved just for you
I know you love me but I'm gonna need more than what you're giving me
I want to feel you but I feel empty
You gotta help me, you gotta meet me halfway
There I see you, can you see me, closer now
Just tell me, show me, what it's gonna take to get you to trust me, love me like I know you can

Let me know, let me know
Let me know, it's all for you

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Five Stars! Good Lyrics, and Everything! | Reviewer: Kevin C. | 12/4/09

This is another excellent song from My December. Kelly Clarkson really expresses her frustration towards relationships here. And the good thing is she performed it in an up-tempo song, instead of a slow one. Overall, I would have to rate this song:
Five Stars, for well written lyrics (including the references to trophy wives!), a great voice, and a well composed sound.

Wurd | Reviewer: Anonymous | 6/8/07

Awesome live, but even better on 'My December' with the studio version. This girl can do no bad!