Yaz Albums

  • You and Me Both Album (7/1/1983)
    Nobody's Diary
    Softly Over
    Sweet Thing
    Mr Blue
    Good Times
    Walk Away From Love
    Ode To Boy
    State Farm
    Happy people
    And on

  • Upstairs at Eric's Album (5/1/1982)
    Don't Go
    Too Pieces
    Bad Connection
    Before E Except After C
    In My Room
    Only You
    Goodbye Seventies
    Winter Kills
    Bring You're Love Down (Didn't I)
    The Other Side Of Love

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    What 1982 Felt Like | Reviewer: Anonymous
        ------ About the album Upstairs at Eric's performed by Yaz

    High school ended, summer before college. Dead Kennedys at the Mabuhay Gardens and On Broadway in San Francisco were saying what I was thinking. The guy I loved hadn't killed himself yet over some other girl, but didn't think of me that way. I was getting around to trying to tell him, not knowing I would never, meanwhile never spending a night alone with ones I was not too shy for. Never saw Yaz play live, but heard Only You on the radio. I thought it was a gay song, meaning written for or by some gay as a love song for some other gay guy or girl. Fortunately I was one of those straight kids who grew up in San Francisco and simply purely didn't care if someone was gay or not. So the song just flowed as a longing love song. When I hear it now it makes me think of walking in the quiet fog at four in the morning along the Embarcadero to Market Street, along Portola, along Junipero Serra, and finally up my home street. The song Only You by Yaz from the record Upstairs at Eric's makes a haunting lullabye for a very specific time.

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