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Billie Holiday YOU TOOK ADVANTAGE OF ME Lyrics

Last updated: 07/29/2001 11:13:08 PM

Richard Rodgers / Lorenz Hart

I'm a sentimental sap, that's all,
what's the use of trying not to fall?
I have no will, you've made your kill
'cause you took advantage of me.
I'm just like an apple on a bough
and you're gonna shake me down somehow,
so what's the use, you've cooked my goose
'cause you took advantage of me.
I'm so hot and bothered that I don't know
my elbow from my ear.
I suffer something awful each time you go
and much worse when you're near.
Here I am with all my bridges burned,
just a babe in arms where you're concerned,
so lock the doors and call me yours
'cause you took advantage of me.