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Xzoriath Biography

Last updated: 04/21/2006

Xzoriath was formed 1999 in Linköping (Sweden) by Eve (vocals) and Geno (guitars), but has worked with the recent musical concept, which probably could be labeled as symphonic death metal, since 2001.

In the beginning we tried some experimental ambient music but when Emil (drums) joined the band the jamming started to sound more and more like metal. Year 2000 Janne (bass) joined the at that time still nameless band. A few riffs was created that sounded much like death metal but meant problems for Eve who didn't know how to sing this kind of music. She started to play keyboards instead. That gave a new touch to the death metal riffs but now Xzoriath didn't have a lead vocalist. A couple of months passed and the problem was still there, until Eve got bored and learned how to growl. She combined this with her classical singing skills. The vocalist problem was solved and the producing of tunes started.
The first live performance was made in November 2001 in Linköping (Sweden) and for now we have done about 20 live-shows and released three self-financed records. Through the years Xzoriath has established a steady fan-basis all over the world and the traffic at our website is increasingly good with visitors from 80 different countries since August 2004.

In year 2002 Rikard (bass) joined Xzoriath in order to fill up the register between guitars and low bass. During this year our first demo - "The Laws of the Third Apocalypse" - was released and a couple of concerts played. In April 2003 Gustav ("Soulless Symphony") joined Xzoriath and took over the keyboards so Eve could concentrate on vocals. In June 2003 Xzoriath entered the studio and in September Xzoriath's 2:nd CD "Redimensioned" was released. Then a year of hard work with the new material followed and during the summer 2004 a new CD "Faces reversed" was produced - a very satisfying outcome that has given us a lot of new listeners.

Short after that release Emil (drums) quit the band for personal reasons. After a short period of struggle with finding a reliable drummer Xzoriath now has welcomed Isak Andersson for that purpose.

For now we're working on our fourth release, doing gigs, and searching for a suitable record deal.


The realm of Xzoriath - probably the most unpleasant world in the world

Xzoriaths music, as well as the lyrics, definitely has an apocalyptic undertone. The concept describes some unpleasant occurrences in an apocalyptic process of "redimensioning" the world, a process that has got out of hands. The mystical fakhir-figure at Xzoriaths live-shows represents the Prophet who gets visions about these occurrences and must proclaim them to the people. Though, it is nothing to do with the classical christian concept. Cruelty without any good or bad purpose, as a result of a mistake of a bored and too self-confident god, is what we're talking about.

Xzoriath, by the way, is the name of that god.

In Xzoriaths music you will certainly hear death/black metal influences, but there are also some elements (soprano vocals, violin) and symphonic parts that people associate with classical music. Under the recent two years, our music has developed from emphasis on mystical atmospheres to more intense, magnificent and powerful character, with increasing speed factor, expressing fear, anger, grief (and many more..)