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Name: Xzibit
Birth name: Alvin Nathaniel Joiner
Age: 30
Date of birth: 8th January 1974
Place of birth: Detroit, Michigan, USA
Height: 6' (1.83 m)
Nickname: X
Trade mark: Always has braids or corn rows in his hair. Has
a husky voice
Family: Son: Tremaine


Xzibit, born into a tough life living in Detroit, also had
to grow up without his mother by his side. She sadly passed
away when he was only 9. He was then living with his dad.
Without any entertainment to occupy himself he started
writing rhymes at age 10, he didn't even More...

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Review about Xzibit songs
Choke spank pull some more. | Reviewer: Alison
    ------ About the song Choke Me, Spank Me (Pull My Hair) performed by Xzibit

Y ppl think women cant enjoy themselves in the bedroom is beyond me. This song hits a spot..previously unfound..nothing more exciting than a woman knowing her body and unafraid to do 1 of natures most NATURAL loving acts.

Great! | Reviewer: Niko-FR
    ------ About the song At The Speed Of Life performed by Xzibit

F*cking great album yes! Really underrated in my opinion! Xzibit has turned into the dark side now, but respect for this awesome album.
But guys, I think there's a mistake in the lyrics!
The line in verse one is 'tryin' to find PEACE of mind' instead of 'piece of mind'.
English is not my motherlanguage too (i'm french) but I think it means nothing without this corrections :-)
Thx for the lyrics though!
"Peace" :-)

Review: | Reviewer: Dani
    ------ About the song Choke Me, Spank Me (Pull My Hair) performed by Xzibit

I Fuqqing Love It.!!! Hahahaha.. ((: I Don't Find It Offensive At All.!!!! Hahahaha.. It'z Beautiful((: LoL.. I Think James Should Be Some Kind Of Counselor.. I Would Never Go To Him But He Should Go Pro.. Lmao.. I Was Never Raped Or Abused As A Child And I Really Do Love This Song.. ((: Keep Up The Good Work X...

Really Man?!!? | Reviewer: DavyBoyJones
    ------ About the song Concentrate performed by Xzibit

For real Xzibit man. I was a fan until now. I mean come on, the lyrics mean nothing. "Lift some weights,eat some steaks"?? What the f$%k man. I mean honestly, thats like beyond whack. Get it together

UNITED | Reviewer: Marie
    ------ About the song Black & Brown performed by Xzibit

I love this song - its true we got history from way back fighting between us but in the end that's what the white men want us to do. I know one of my homies told me they put him and a black guy together in a cell and told them if you cant get along, beat the shit out of each other and slammed the door as they laughed and walked away. We need to unite and quit killing each other. If we unite we would be so strong together. I hope we do.

goodwork | Reviewer: dotza
    ------ About the song Choke Me, Spank Me (Pull My Hair) performed by Xzibit

my review is, i like it.
its a parrty song im in a yonug age group late teens. and everytime im at aprrty it goes off!
good work really, it shouldnt be offensive grow up.

good work, keep making these songs!

agree'd | Reviewer: Brad
    ------ About the song Foundation performed by Xzibit

I agree with what was said above. straight fire, yet straight reality. this is the music i listen to that speaks the truth and spits the blue's all at once. The 90's are deffinately dead. but the tracks made back in those days are still alive and well. bring back the truth in the booth, and get rid of these rap fools.

Drained or Raped | Reviewer: Anonymous
    ------ About the song At The Speed Of Life performed by Xzibit

first i thought he said: 'the world get colder every day by day.' 'physicly, mentally gettin RAPED by LA.' But is is Drained, see above. Now is english not my motherlanguage (im dutch) but it would be a nice lyric right:D?

Classic track on classic album | Reviewer: Lyriqal G
    ------ About the song At The Speed Of Life performed by Xzibit

A lot of people forgot about this album. Real classic, heart felt shit. No comparison, classic of a lost era. I mean I litteraly grew up on this man hehe...

Xzibit deserves respect for this one.

Lyriqal G


Straight wisdom line after line | Reviewer: Anonymous
    ------ About the song Foundation performed by Xzibit

I have not heard many RAP songs that were as filled with hood wisdom as this one. Especially since the bling bling era. I am sick to my guts when I here first page color magazine's artists who rap about nothing and are usually able to do it for quite a few minutes in there hottest tracks. Guess I will always love the 90's with 2Pac, Biggie and so many more not as worldwide known as these two, who were able to tell the truth about the reality that surrounds them.

Every once in a while there is a song addressed to an offspring in example "Like father like son" by the Game. I still have not heard enough to consider myself an expert but among those I remembered The Foundation is by far no. 1!

Well I first heard the instrumental version, then read the lyrics and even if I have never heard Xzibit perform it I would always consider it as his greatest achievement.

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