Xzibit Albums

  • Napalm Album (10/9/2012)
    State Of Hip-Hop vs. Xzibit
    Dos Equis
    Something More
    Gangsta Gangsta
    Forever A G
    Stand Tall
    Spread It Out
    Up Out The Way
    Meaning Of Life
    Louis XIII
    Enjoy The Night
    I Came To Kill
    Killer's Remorse
    Bonus Tracks
    1983 Remix
    Throw It Like It's Free

  • Full Circle Album (10/17/2006)
    Invade My Space
    Ram Part Division
    Say It To My Face
    The Donnell Rawlings Show
    Scandalous Bitches
    On Bail
    Family Values
    Black & Brown
    The Whole World
    Poppin' Off
    Movin' In Your Chucks
    Thank You
    Bonus Tracks
    Concentrate (San Quinn Remix)
    Rollin' (West Side Remix)
    A Minute To Pray

  • Weapons of Mass Destruction Album (12/14/2004)
    State Of The Union
    Cold World
    Saturday Night Live
    Beware Of Us
    Judgement Day
    Criminal Set
    Ride Or Die
    Crazy Ho
    Big Barking
    Tough Guy
    Scent Of A Woman
    Back 2 The Way It Was
    Xzibit Value Add Feature
    Strong Arm Steady Trailer
    Restless Xposed Trailer
    Hey Now (Mean Muggin)

  • Man Vs. Machine Album (10/1/2002)
    Release Date
    Symphony in X Major
    Break Yourself
    Heart of a Man
    Choke Me, Spank Me (Pull My Hair)
    Losin' Your Mind
    BK to La
    My Name
    The Gambler
    Missin' U
    Right On
    Bitch Ass Niggaz
    My Life, My World
    What a Mess
    (Hit U) Where It Hurts

  • Restless Album (12/12/2000)
  • 40 Dayz & 40 Nightz Album (8/25/1998)
  • At The Speed Of Life Album (10/1/1996)

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    this album is mad | Reviewer: Anonymous
        ------ About the album Weapons of Mass Destruction performed by Xzibit

    this is one of the best albums ive got its mad. the lyrics are crazy xzibits best album ever

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