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Sultry. Seductive. Insinuating. Knowing. Soulful. Sexy.
Womanly. Xscape.
On Traces Of My Lipstick, Xscape's third full-length album
on So So Def Recordings, the "million dollar girl group"
from Atlanta, Georgia, has created an album that is
Xscape's most mature and provocative to-date, filled with
an emotional depth that speaks to the quartet's growth both
as performers and as women.

Brimming with uptempo grooves and slinky, heartfelt ballads
examining love in all it's complexities, Traces Of My
Lipstick offers solid proof that More...

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Reviews about Xscape songs

True Love | Reviewer: K.S.
    ------ About the song The Arms Of The One Who Loves You performed by Xscape

This song, along with Mariah Carey's 'Butterfly', are among two of the most beautiful love songs I've heard. I was always the type to believe that if you truly loved someone, why would you let them go; however, I'm learning that sometimes, the best way to love a person is to hand him/her over to GOD and then walk away. They'll never be yours if you don't give GOD the chance to work on their hearts, or you don't give them the chance to grow. I cry just about every night for the one guy who's had my heart since I was a teenager. He came back in my life, but he's moved on again. I keep him in my prayers, and listening to these songs makes me realize that if we're meant to be, we'll be, but it's selfish of me to hold on to him w/o giving him the chance to grow.

Wow | Reviewer: Adrienne
    ------ About the song My Little Secret performed by Xscape

this song just remind me of my baby joshua with i luv so much and i don't think that he know that i luv him so much and i wish he knew that. i can't explain my luv for him i have 2 show it.

every body cheats some days | Reviewer: Anonymous
    ------ About the song My Little Secret performed by Xscape

some days i see hot men but one time i like these two men they was brothers and i slept with of them.

A great and magical song | Reviewer: Tamika Williams
    ------ About the song Am I Dreamin' performed by Xscape

My name is Tamika williams and I am from memphis Tn, if anybody is out there I would love for one of the members to contact me. I sing, and when I say i sing , I sing. I love them girls, there music is so inspirational and soulful, til it will make you want to cry. This one sone with old school, oh my gosh, I know that it's a remake but it is off the chain.
Thank you all for everything, your music and the movement of the south that you all help to bring about-by the way call me if you need a back up 901-864-0159

In Love | Reviewer: Jackie
    ------ About the song Just Kickin' It performed by Xscape

I love this song. This song reminds me why im still inlove with the love of my life Rocky...

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