Xscape Albums

  • Traces Of My Lipstick Album (5/12/1998)
    All About Me
    My Little Secret
    Softest Place On Earth
    Do You Know?
    One Of Those Love Songs
    The Arms Of The One Who Loves You
    I Will
    Your Eyes
    All I Need
    Am I Dreamin'
    The Runaround
    Hold On
    Best Of My Love

  • Off The Hook Album (4/1/1995)
    Do Your Thang
    Feels So Good
    Hard To Say Goodbye
    Can't Hang
    Who Can I Run To?
    Do You Want To?
    What Can I Do?
    Do Like Lovers Do
    Work Me Slow
    Love's A Funny Thing
    Keep It On The Real

  • Hummin' Comin' At 'Cha Album (10/12/1993)
    Just Kickin' It
    Let Me Know
    With You
    Is My Living In Vain?
    Love On My Mind

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    Reviews about Xscape albums

    I love your music | Reviewer: Kidada Malachi
        ------ About the album Traces Of My Lipstick performed by Xscape

    Hi Xscape this is a fan of your writing to let ya'll know that i love ya'll music so mush that i got all of your CD's. Straight up You s have talent do let noboby take that away from you not even yo husbands or baby daddys if you have any because I used to sing and it was taken from me because of my baby daddy and now I'm strugglin' to provide for my three kids at the age of 24.

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