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Xordeal Biography

Last updated: 02/02/2007

It all began in 1999, when, some years after having played with some other musicians who later on founded SARX, Erik started beginning to create his own musical ideas. First steps lead into a sort-of Gotenborg-style music, but quite some time (or songs) later, Erik's music developed into what would become XORDEAL. Inspired by bands like HYPOCRISY (an influence which can be definitely heard), KATATONIA and EDGE OF SANITY, but also stuff like DEPECHE MODE, he began creating dark atmospheric, but nevertheless powerful songs. The kick start happened in late 2000, when Erik, after having had some rather painful personal experiences, was able to conduct these into music. Within the next months all of the songs for "Introspective" came to be. Also, in the early months of 2001, the name XORDEAL was established.

After finishing his studies to become an audio engineer and getting his life back on track again, Erik started re-recording the ten songs which had already been recorded as demos, but were never released. Within one month he did all the drum and synth programming, playing guitars, and screeching and grunting his guts out. During that time he was supported by Björn and Alf as assistant engineers, and both of them were so enthusiastic about the material that they asked him to evolve the project to a real band. The drummer's place was filled by Marc, and the guys were ready to kick ass live on stage!! For unknown reasons, Marc left the band in August 2004, but life went on without him.

A new chapter began with Andreas on drums in November 2004. New songs were written and presented on stage, as well as a new demo is meant to be released in late autumn 2005. On this demo Alf (as things are now) will be heard for the last time with XORDEAL, because he left the band in September 2005 to return to Greece.

The remaining three men are now looking for an appropriate guiarist without which future gigs will hardly be played.