Xiu Xiu Albums

  • Always Album
    Joey's Song
    Beauty Towne
    I Luv Abortion
    The Oldness
    Chimneys Afire
    Gul Mudin
    Born to Suffer
    Factory Girls
    Smear the Queen
    Black Drum Machine

  • Unclouded Sky Album (4/19/2014)
    Blood of the Lamb
    I'll Fly Away
    Lonesome Valley
    Wreck on the Highway
    Church in the Wildwood
    Unclouded Sky
    All Fo' You
    Let the Lower Lights Be Burning
    Just As I Am

  • Angel Guts: Red Classroom Album (2/4/2014)
    Angel Guts:
    Archie's Fades
    Stupid in the Dark
    Lawrence Liquors
    Black Dick
    New Life Immigration
    EL Naco
    Adult Friends
    The Silver Platter
    Bitter Melon
    A Knife in the Sun
    Cinthya's Unisex
    Botanica de Los Angeles
    :Red Classroom

  • The Air Force Album (9/14/2006)
    Buzz Saw
    Boy Soprano
    Hello From Eau Claire
    Vulture Piano
    PJ In The Streets...
    Bishop, CA
    Saint Pedro Glue Stick
    The Pineapple Vs. The Watermelon
    Save Me Save Me
    The Fox & The Rabbit
    Wig Master

  • Tu Mi Piaci Album (6/20/2006)
  • Australia / New Zealand Tour EP Album (4/1/2006)
  • Life And Live Album (10/11/2005)
  • La Forêt Album (7/2/2005)
  • Fabulous Muscles Album (2/17/2004)
  • Insound Tour Support, Vol. 26 (Split EP with The Jim Yoshii Pile-Up) Album (7/1/2003)
  • Fag Patrol Album (6/10/2003)
  • A Promise Album (2/18/2003)
  • Chapel Of The Chimes Album (8/13/2002)
  • Knife Play Album (2/19/2002)

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