Xavier Rudd Albums

  • Solace Album (4/1/2004)
    3 Degrees
    Let Me Be
    Solace Amongst The Sin
    In Transit
    Journey Song
    A 4th World
    Yirra – Kurl
    No Woman No Cry
    Green Spandex

  • Live At The Grid Album (4/1/2003)
    Conceal Me
    To Let
    A Fourth World
    Timber And Wood
    The 12th Of September
    Lap Jam
    Dij / Aztec
    B.C. People
    The Wind Cries Mary
    Dij Jam
    Flip And Spin

  • To Let Album (4/1/2002)
    Conceal Me
    The 12th Of September
    Where Do We Fit
    To Let
    Light The Shade
    Little Chief
    One Short Story
    Timber And Wood
    9 Times A Day
    Things Meant To Be
    Central Avenue
    The Wind Cries Mary

  • Live In Canada Album (4/1/2001)
    9 Times A Day
    To Let
    Small Destinotion
    Timber And Wood
    River Groove
    The Son Of A Father
    The Native Eye
    From Bud To Blossom
    Green Spandex
    Like This
    Lives In The Book
    This Little Space

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    Reviews about Xavier Rudd albums

    Traveler | Reviewer: Charlie
        ------ About the album Live In Canada performed by Xavier Rudd

    Love this track, not actually sure why he doesnt play it live anymore? Have scene Xavier play many times and recently met him before a ig in Madrid Spain.

    A tourist doesnt know where theyve been, a traveler doesnt know were tehy are going....

    Relaxaholic. | Reviewer: Christina
        ------ About the album Solace performed by Xavier Rudd

    Loved this album..especially track three 'Let me be'. I went to Pyramid Rock 06/07 where I saw Xavier live and he pretty much hands down was the fav of all artists there. The song moved everyone. Great lyrics + meaning to his songs..very relaxing love bumming to this album and his new one WHITE MOTH. Go get it it rocks..especially track eight 'LAND RIGHTS'
    Good on ya Xavier.

    Doing Australia proud | Reviewer: seb
        ------ About the album Solace performed by Xavier Rudd

    great album just like his last makes you feel proud to be Australian

    very deep | Reviewer: mark taylor
        ------ About the album Solace performed by Xavier Rudd

    Solace is an excellent album with alot of meningful lyrics, it has changed the way i look in life and the people in this world. i rate this album 9 out of 10....

    Xavier is a talented man who is going to go along way in the music industrie. cant wait to see him play at the horseshoe tavern on the 29th september 2004

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