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Xandria was formed around the year 2000 in Germany, but
it's difficult to say exactly when they became the band
they are today. Xandria is made up of five members, them
being Marco (Guitars, Keyboards, Vocals), Lisa (Vocals),
Philip (Guitars), Roland (Bass) and Gerit (Drums).

The band was founded by Marco, who had the idea of a band
with a dreamy and sensual sound that could still rock,
almost in a heavy metal sense. But most important to him
was the need for good songs. Many bands (in the scene that
Xandria is supposedly included More...

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Reviews about Xandria songs

Some flaws, but still great | Reviewer: Roadsign Reviewer
    ------ About the song In Love With The Darkness performed by Xandria

I have to confess that I've never heard Xandria before, so pardon me for any ignorance. I love the lyrics, they're very powerful and beautiful, but I wish Lisa Middelhauve sang more powerfully in this song, although her gentle way of singing is quite nice here. The melodies tend to get a little repetitive sometimes, but all in all, it's great!

beautiful | Reviewer: Suzann
    ------ About the song Winterhearted performed by Xandria

I just randomly downloaded this song because the band name sounded cool, and once I heard it, I was like: "wow, her voice is so beautiful and so is this song!!" I've heard a few other songs by them and this is by far the best.

Slight Correction | Reviewer: Annaliese
    ------ About the song Ravenheart performed by Xandria

It is not "So come and come to me, Ravenheart." she said only "come and come to me, Ravenheart." It also sounds like she is saying "come on come to me" not "come and come to me"

Pretty song | Reviewer: Mesmer
    ------ About the song Winterhearted performed by Xandria

For me, it's one of the best Xandria's songs. It tells us what is real unilateral love, fascination. I think in this song is essence of confrontation lover with "winterhearted".

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