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Mad Season X-Ray Mind Lyrics

Last updated: 04/02/2014 10:30:03 PM

Lyrics by Layne Staley
Music by Staley, McCready, Martin, Saunders

Do the laughs die when
One such as I run
And allow myself
Time for own true needs
When convincing me
That you're on my team
May not lie to me
But not mentioning

So sit back and have
An hysterical
Laugh at tiny holes
Buy and trade men's souls

X-ray mind reads plenty
Worth no more than pennies

You, they, it or what
Have been fair, I thought
May you never free
You from you or me
See the more I think
I'm afraid to blink
I don't move an inch
Slowly draining me

Hire a spy and bug me
Pimp your friends for money
Rich and growing sicker
Sell the dead ones quicker

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Meaning of this song | Reviewer: Jonesy | 4/2/14

Dude, it clearly speaks to what Layne is feeling. He knows that he has an X RAY MIND and he can see through everyone (Jerry or whoever) trying to help him:
Do the laughs die when
One such as I run
And allow myself
Time for own true needs
When convincing me
That you're on my team
May not lie to me
But not mentioning

I think he knows how messed up he is and he wants them to stop bugging him. "Hire a spy and bug me" Meaning, ok, follow me then if you dont believe me...which we all know he wasn't telling the truth, but in his own MIND, he was trying....

Still in awe. | Reviewer: Marcus Olivares | 12/12/12

This song is soooo haunting. I don't understand the lyrics as I think it relates to layne and nobody else. But the way he can just let it bleed through song is nothing short of phenomenal.

William DuVall sucks! | Reviewer: Alayne | 7/28/12

His vocals can't hold a candle to Layne's. He can't harmonize with Jerry in AIC as Layne did in the past, so he doesn't even try. When I listen to the album, "Black Gives Way to Blue", I skip all his songs and listen to Jerry's. I could fill-in for Layne, as our voices are similar, and may just do that someday, when Mike holds auditions for the new Mad Season album.

This should've been the staple single of the album | Reviewer: ComaAlpha15 | 8/5/09

River of Deceit sounds like Don't Follow meets Yellow Ledbetter. Where this song just sounds like something on it's own. If it wasn't for Layne's voice being tied to Alice in Chains, you wouldn't be able to tell that these men are from other bands. With this song, Mad Season became an entity all on their own.

I met McCready briefly and asked him about another Mad Season album and he said that it's gonna be difficult with the lead singer being dead and all. I wish I could've gotten more time with him to try and shove some ideas down his throat. Like Layne's replacement in AIC, William DuVall.

Thats right | Reviewer: Jeremy Michael Busby | 1/11/08

You are exactly right. Layne sings about things that are so true and deep that one can REALLY relate too. Not some bullshit money making pop with no meaning. I miss him a lot, and I've never even met him

This is where talent lets the arts make the music | Reviewer: Tony Dumont | 9/27/07

These guys as of 2007 still hold under their belts the best music record in years. They are Artists not pop artists. Every song is a calladge which paints a vivid picture that is so effective and emotionaly special. They searched high and low to mix so many influences into a carefully crafted and brilliant record. Mozart Bach Betovan Chopin
MAD SEASON. Can Timberlake James Blunt Maroon Five Sum 41 Beyonce sing right or hold music beauty this well. NOt even Close.