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Wynonna Judd was born in 1964 in Ashland, Kentucky. She
Moved to California at the age of four, but came back to
Kentucky at ten. "That was when I discovered music," she

"My influences - I thank God for this now - were records
from the old record shops, the used bins. Bluegrass was my
first influence, and the mountain harmonies, the mountain
soul of Hazel and Alice, the harmonies of the family from
the Delmore Brothers, the Stanley Brothers and the Louvin
Brothers. And then I started listening to Bonnie Raitt.
She's been More...

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Review about Wynonna Judd songs
It touched my heart | Reviewer: Kamiel Petrie
    ------ About the song Testify To Love performed by Wynonna Judd

Your song as touched my heart and i must say it is a big help for me in finding my wayback to where i am suppose to be i completely deeply and truely love this song it is the only song that i have seen brought me to tears. I must say u are blest with the gift so am i and i promise u i myself will Testify to Love... Love Kamiel from jamaica

God Creation | Reviewer: Roy Jones
    ------ About the song Testify To Love performed by Wynonna Judd

The Bible say make a joyful noise unto the lord, and you have.
Iam sure god is smilling. the song makes me testify of his love so may god bless you and yours and I will keep you in my prayers.yes
god have spoken. I thank you for the song, and thank god for you be bless

Wow! | Reviewer: Musical85
    ------ About the song Testify To Love performed by Wynonna Judd

I absolutely adore this song, and am very excited that Touched By An Angel is once again, through reruns, being shown on the GMC channel. I have rewatched this episode 2 times now, and I am in tears each time! This is very powerful. Wynonna most definitely is blessed with her musical talents, as well as her acting. Thank you for such an inspiring song. As someone mentioned a few years back ... I second the thought of having this played at my funeral, to hopefully give back to those who may be grieving.

Testfiy to Love | Reviewer: norma
    ------ About the song Testify To Love performed by Wynonna Judd

i love this song and i saw the movie i have it on vhs i used to watch touch by an angel then it got taking off i was sadden by it but satan has his way till the end very inspiring song

stop you cold;author, I would like to hear the performance | Reviewer: gwendolyn mather
    ------ About the song Stop You Cold performed by Wynonna Judd

I am the author of 30 lyrics she has to date and I have yet been able to hear the performance of Wynonna Judd on any of my songs you have listed. She has used my lyrics for the past five years and I would sure like to speak with her. Todays date; 5-13-2010 gwendolyn mather

We're Coming Together | Reviewer: Anonymous
    ------ About the song We're Coming Together performed by Wynonna Judd

This is gwendolynmather@mail.com Thank you for featuring my lyrics. Please make corrections with my phone number from 813 to 309-299-7510. I moved from Tampa, Fl. to Galesburg, Il. Please inform Wynonna and I would like to be in touch with her. I have written and I have not received her reply. Thank you, gwendolyn mather (757 E. Dayton Street, Galesburg, Il.)

over | Reviewer: Roposipi
    ------ About the song Is It Over Yet performed by Wynonna Judd

This is a beautiful song and it represents the reluctant failed love. She loves him but knows that they are not to be together right now. And she refuses to watch him leave and just wants the hurt to be over. What a beautiful representation of failed lovers in love!

Incredible song | Reviewer: Anonymous
    ------ About the song She Is His Only Need performed by Wynonna Judd

Wow! What a beautiful song! The man in this song is the kind of guy every girl dreams of finding someday! This is a TRUE love song.

I Will Testify To Love | Reviewer: TJ
    ------ About the song Testify To Love performed by Wynonna Judd

This song, as in the 100th Show of Touched By An Angel, this song has also helped me and my family let go of our friends and family that have had to leave. This song seems to open a gateway of radiant light. And helps the ones left on earth a connection of faith and love to carry out the memories of all who stand amoung the angels now. Thank You Wyonna, you are and always will be in my heart and prayers. You are my favorite singer. Thanks for making life a bit easier to handle.

The Best | Reviewer: Jan Bentley
    ------ About the song Testify To Love performed by Wynonna Judd

I love this song. This song someday will be played at my funeral. Every time I hear is, it bring tears to my eyes.

Did Wynonna write the words to this song?

I have warn out my C.D. " Touch By A Angel" due to the fact I have played it over and over. I want to get another C.D. and would like advise as to where I may purchase the C.D.

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