Wyclef Jean Lyrics

Wyclef Jean's extraordinary musical talent has brought him
wealth and fame and taken him all over the world. He's been
a member of the biggest-selling rap group in history, he's
a multi-platinum hit-making solo artist; and he's produced
for, and collaborated with, an incredibly diverse array of
musical superstars. But throughout his entire career,
Wyclef Jean has never forgotten where he's come from, the
places that nurtured his character and creativity as a
young man: his native Haiti, where he lived until age nine,
as well as the More...

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Review about Wyclef Jean songs
Africanism, the spirit that Inspiries! | Reviewer: Olasunkanmi Olawale Olatunbosun
    ------ About the song Million Voices performed by Wyclef Jean

Thanks to jeans, but today in Nigeria, this song touches and it should heal our souls. African leaders no matter the level of their position should wage war against terror not only for children but everyone, rutual killings, religious war, genocide etc must be stop! We want one Africa, join me to spread the gospel of Africanism!

The youths need to be creative | Reviewer: Sir Prinz
    ------ About the song Million Voices performed by Wyclef Jean

What happen in rawanda is a very touching and a sad story but is high time for the youth to wake-up to a reality, when the youth start thinkin of doing something better wit their life and stop collecting money from so call leaders to commit crimes by killin their follow brothers because of money that's when africa will be at peace cos the youths are the future of everything. The peace of Africa is in our hands. Thanks to wyclef for this wonderful song is the best. African leaders let's work together as one for the future of Africa.

God listen people of Rwanda | Reviewer: turatsinze petros
    ------ About the song Million Voices performed by Wyclef Jean

God listen our cries and help us we need our future for rwanda " niryari izuba rizagarukira kurwanda maze amahanga akatwumva" but we have good reader and we have a unite between us takes for wyclef

help stand up | Reviewer: john d williams
    ------ About the song Million Voices performed by Wyclef Jean

I am going to be one of the few that want and go to Africa and stop this at all cost I am a white 21 year old male and everytime I see this hear this feel this there is nothing more I want to do then end it all for the love of the people

A song for Africa | Reviewer: Pauline Gantt
    ------ About the song Million Voices performed by Wyclef Jean

Every time I see this movie I cry, for the people of
Africa, when will it stop. When the children sing we should here the cry for peace, and stop all the fighting and live together. Come on this is mother Africa.

It is a great song, | Reviewer: Tony
    ------ About the song Million Voices performed by Wyclef Jean

It s sad to say this, but nothing is going to change for Africa, as long as everything is done for money, man by himself can't bring a end to suffering, we have to look to someone else, perhaps GOD!!

rwanda rwanda | Reviewer: Mandla mkhize
    ------ About the song Million Voices performed by Wyclef Jean

it 2013 and the movie is a very touchng one, i cryd i felt the pain the struggle the suffuring of the children , while they smoking ciggaz and drinking maultd whisky. An the song is Wow! United States Of Africa

I like your humility | Reviewer: Anonymous
    ------ About the song Diallo performed by Wyclef Jean

You did a very nice job writing the lyrics, and being humble enough to ask.for corrections, thanks a bundle. But I don't know why you mixed the right lyrics with "you said he RIPS, But he didn't have no piece" when you got it right in the earlier stanzas. Its not "You said he RIPS, but he didn't have no peace". Rathet its " You said he reached Sir, but he didn't have no piece, Sir" because Dialling was bringing out his Wallet to identify himself to the Police, the 4 white Policemen shot him 41 times, claiming that he "reached" (for a a gun) but incidentally he didn't have no "piece" (gun). -Nwanedo Ugoeke, Nigeria.

Hotel Rwanda | Reviewer: Blessings kwaitana
    ------ About the song Million Voices performed by Wyclef Jean

when i watched the movie for the first time, i cried for was happening in rwanda indeed peace suffered many injuries others died.HOTEL RWANDA is a touching movie.thank you wycliff for the song,GOD bless u more.

The chorus | Reviewer: Destin Louissaint {Juneboss}
    ------ About the song Fast Car performed by Wyclef Jean

The chorus of the song that's what touches me deep inside my heart..{You don't gotta be no billionaire,to get a ticket up to the moon,we all know somebody up there,you need a helping hand look come right here,to help you see clearly now yea.. Wow! Those words are awesome! I am haitian and i am so proud of my Wyclef Jean.. June.boss12@hotmail.com

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