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Maybe we, why don't we
Sit right here for half an hour
We'll speak of what a waste I am
And how we missed your beat again.

I swear we need to find some comfort in this run down place
To bridge the gap of this conscious state that we live in
And I'm short on time

How come you try
that brings us home
to fit the shape of
and I pray for
What they tell you
You to move on, move on
but mostly what they show you
At this rate we can't keep up
I'm taking back all the things I've said
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I'm taking back all the things I've said
But I sure can't just sit still
Keep me filled in and i swear I'll come

We walk alone
We walk alone
We walk alone
We walk alone
We walk alone
We walk alone
Back home
Alone, Back home

You're almost gone and I'm okay
I still see your shadow
To give you time to be afraid
But never your face again
I remember your presence

I hope to God you come down
I hope to God you feel this now
I hope to God you come down
I hope to...God

I know there must be some way out of here
And all of them will be waiting there.

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Grieving | Reviewer: iremember | 1/15/14

I think this song is about somebody's grieving of losing a loved one. and the pain knowing you'll never see them again. The struggles of people around you moving on and forgetting but you still talk to that person (in your mind) and wish you could take back the things you said to them and would have made it different. Faced with adversity you realize that we all walk alone, we are alone in our minds.( we walk alone) you still feel them inside and that you will remember them ( i still see your shadow but never your face again) and hoping to a god that someday you may see them again. ( i hope to god you come down)
and knowing in your heart that theres something higher than this existence and they will be waiting for you there. (I know there must be some way out of here
And all of them will be waiting there.)

Daniel Anyone? | Reviewer: Kat | 12/4/13

What I want to know if this song has anything to do with Daniel 5? In this passage of Scripture Daniel interprets writing by the hand of God on the wall to mean King Belshazzar's (King of Babylon, Nebuchadnezzar's kid) destruction and a take over of the Medes and Persians. Read the chapter yourself and tell me what you think.

Pretty cool | Reviewer: Kaykay | 12/2/12

I really like this song even though its like my first time actually hearing about it.its a really good song it has a nice flow to it.BTW on,the other hand it can sound kinda depressing.

Fallen angels | Reviewer: Q | 5/19/12

I think its a song of. Pain and regret of the place u were and where u a now. Basically its an angel that remembers. How it was in gods presents and he wishes he was making his way back home and regrets the choise that made him fall

hmmmm | Reviewer: adam davidsson | 10/29/11

i think its about being at war with your conciousness with things like lonlieness, depression, and great emotional pain. recently i had my ex girlfriend break up with me and we went out for a long time and basically had this relationship that everyone knew we were going to get married. i loved her so much. and when she left my life, lyrics in songs from bands such as Underoath or Atreyu...they felt like what i felt. Dark inside, death in my bones, basically your mind dwelling in a self made conciousness of hell. you feel evil and darkness behind you everywhere you go but you dont look back because you know its there and theres not much you can do. you feel like nothing in life matters and all you think about is that one simple event (or my break up) its all you think about and you start to believe your at fault and you feel like your never gonna have anything like it again and feel depressed. you think about how happy you were then and how you feel now. but you know theres got to be SOME way out of the pain. Something out there was set for the pain to happen to knock you down, to get you back up to make you stronger, and when God feels you have changed, he throws something bigger and better at you. Thats what i believe in life...when bad happens, greater things come out. My parents lost their jobs, we lost our electricity, then our home, and then i lost all my friends and more importantly, the one thing that mattered to me at the time...my girlfriend. I lost it all in 5 months. and now im in the soil trying to get back up. Now we live in florida with a great house, parents have amazing jobs, i have an amazing job and going to school and hopefully soon ill find someone else who will make me feel better than i ever did before. i tried to make this as short as i could - _ -

Rosie | Reviewer: Anonymous | 7/15/11

I read the concept of hero's journey in this song (and few others from same album), particularly from "we walk alone" and "alone, back home". Yet I am wondering: who is he talking to? We must rely on a God that is our own to live, thriving on self-reliance, for we we won't find (universal) comfort if we depend on others. "...the prevailing themes of isolation, anger, introspection, and the quest for self-confidence are universal." -Allmusic.com

Awesome | Reviewer: Vanessa | 1/16/11

oh my gosh i love this song it is amazing i listen to it everyday this is the song i picked for a school project i don't think anyone else will like it but i don't care what people think of the songs i like UNDEROATH is the best!!! YEAMAN!!

alone, i get it | Reviewer: keith terrill | 8/7/10

i watched the video and read the lyrics. i get the alone, isolation, and the pain.

The problem is left there. It is never resolved, no solution given, leaving us in a state of self relience which brings hopelessness.

I would that the reference to God let us know that we are not alone when we have Christ in our life.

so sick | Reviewer: rick norris | 6/16/10

i'm completely athiest, i come from a religious family but i just don't buy into it at all, i just believe in being a good person. karma is life. but even though i'm athiest i love underoath and i find their lyrics and take on things to be very interesting. and their music is fucking sick. white power!

Point Blank ! | Reviewer: Jessica | 6/10/10

Point Blank is that we all came upon this world . Good Or bad , bad or Good we will always be human . Making mistakes or Not . We all walk alone on this journey to find out selves . And Even if someones willing to stick by you doesnt mean that one day in time they wont be their . WE ALL WERE BORN ALONE ! WE ALL WILL DIE ALONE ! THEIRFOR WE ALL WALK ALONE !

\m/ | Reviewer: Steven S. | 4/4/10

I hate when people post their own catagorizations of songs, analyzing what type of music it is and why. How about catagorizing this song as AMAZING!!! It doesn't matter if it's screamo, post-hardcore, or whatever else any people may label this song. Or any song for that matter. If a song is good, listen to it. If not, then don't. Simple as that. Any way, this song is awesome. I've never been able to hear this song less than 3 times in a row. =)

LOVE this | Reviewer: Chloe | 3/27/10

I absolutely love this band and just about all of their songs! I don't mind what genre they fall into, and as long as their music is great, I don't really care. This was the first song I heard by them, and it still remains one of my all time favorite songs :) underoath is AMAZING and I hope many others share my love for them as well..... btw, I'm listening to this song right now! XD

Truth is (PLEASE REPLY) | Reviewer: Truth | 3/11/10

There are many truth's in this song and if I were to write them all Im afraid this review would be too long so ill try to keep it short... Firstly only from the genre we can understand that everyone is unique just that these guys are more unique then these people reminds us that not only hunger in third world countries are SERIOUS problems but there are also several serious problems to everyone in the world. then this song also says we walk alone which is rather correct since life is a road and we're walking on it friends and everyone we know walk with us but at some point they take a turn and then... We walk alone those are the hardest moment's (when we walk alone) and we must learn to cope with them...there are also several other meanings but Im afraid it would make the comment far to long if it already isnt

Welcome to The New World Order | Reviewer: Ad | 3/7/10

Good song. Very deep meaning and touch the people. At last someone stand up to remind us about the system or the prison that we live in. We should unplugged ourself from this worldly agenda. Dont feed the elit and dont let them feed u. Nouvos Ordo Seclorum is a step for their master plan. To completely strip u off from your only god. Beware of The One-eyed Deceiver my friend. They are not your god.

Confused. | Reviewer: Rick | 12/15/09

Who cares what genre this band is or any band is for that matter. A bunch of instruments and passion. Thats a11 anyone needs to know. What is with this wor1d and the desire to 1abe1 every fucking thing? Its bu11shit and stupid. UnderOATH is pretty good though and I definate1y 1ike this song. Thanks for the 1yrics.

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