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Harvey Danger Wrecking Ball Lyrics

Last updated: 07/25/2001 03:43:40 AM

tear down the bearing wall
put up a picture window
something to look through
at the bastard colors
burnt sienna

put down the wrecking ball
who has a friend, who needs one?
i've got a way to get to work in almost any city
doesn't matter where
take a needle, i won't be there
privileges forsaken there
liberties i've taken take me nowhere

put down the wrecking ball
don't let a childhood linger
they'll take the world apart and break my baby brother's finger
so he can't shake my hand
guard the dead against my legacy
and lack the wound no more

run from nowhere, nowhere follows you

burn down the house
make sure the family is inside
nothing more to tether you
also no one there to catch you crying

nothing but my famous pillow
and my father's rocking chair
(get a sliver when you sit there)
every mess i make i make a run from nowhere
nowhere follows you